Massive sunburn: woman contracted huge burn blisters while running

Violent burns during an ultra marathon: runner gets mega burns
Health experts repeatedly point out how important it is to protect yourself well when staying in the sun. One should not save money when applying cream. A woman from England had applied sunscreen, but had not renewed this protection after a run of several hours. The result: she got huge burns on her lower legs.

Severe skin burns after ultra marathon
Only a few days ago, a man from Scotland had been reported who was severely burned by the sun's rays because he had not applied any cream. A woman from England had applied sunscreen before an ultra marathon, but had not renewed this protection during the long race. After the run, she had bad sunburn and blistered legs.

Sunscreen washed away by sweat
34-year-old Englishwoman Julie Nisbet took part in the ultra marathon "The Wall" a few days ago. It took her about 21 hours to run the approximately 111 kilometers along Hadrian's Wall. Temperatures up to 30 degrees prevailed during the race.

According to her own statements, the runner had smeared herself with sunscreen before the event, but the protection did not last long.

"At the start of the race, I put on a lot of sunscreen, but I didn't apply any more cream during the run - sweat and water washed most of my legs," said Nisbet, according to a report in the Daily Mail newspaper.

Small orange pustules developed into large blisters
When the run was over, the consequences were visible: extreme sunburn had formed on her lower legs, together with small orange pustules, which eventually developed into huge burn blisters.

The woman wrote on Twitter: “All the joy I felt after the ultra race is overshadowed by the pain of the burns. I cry like a baby. "

Her family and friends were shocked and did not want to believe "that such blisters come from a sunburn".

On Twitter, she pointed out that she was temporarily a bit confused after being warned of possible burns from giant hogweed that looked similar to hers.

In Germany, too, there are always warnings about the health risks posed by this poisonous plant.

Ultimately, however, she knew that the bubbles were caused by the sun's rays.

Complaints even after a week
It has been over a week now, but the English woman still has to bandage her legs.

But she doesn't take it too hard, but is already looking forward to the following races. "It is not the end of the world. These are just scars. I am sure that I will run again on another day, ”said Nisbet.

And: "When the next orange pus blisters have dried out, I have definitely lost another two kilograms." (Ad)

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