Cloudy or light: You can check your health with urine

Light, dark, cloudy, clear: what our urine reveals about health
Is it light or dark, clear or cloudy? Does he smell bad? Our urine can say a lot about health. If there is blood in the urine, you have to go to the urologist promptly. However, other changes in the fluid excretion should also be clarified by a doctor.

With some changes necessarily to the doctor
Everyone has had to give a urine sample to the doctor. Finally, urine tests are an indispensable method in medical diagnostics to detect diseases or to monitor their course. Based on the nature of the urine, potential health problems can be recognized even by laypeople. Because the smell, color and amount of urine often give the first indication that something is wrong. Some changes should definitely be clarified with a doctor.

Urine usually smells normal
Normally the urine smells normal when urinating. Bad-smelling urine can indicate various diseases such as urinary tract infections or diabetes.

When it smells fishy, ​​bacteria are often the trigger, which leads to vaginal inflammation, especially in women.

Often, however, it only smells strongly temporarily, for example after eating certain foods such as asparagus.

Hydration plays a big role
The color is often much more meaningful. Usually, urine is clear and slightly yellowish or amber in color, the color being caused by metabolic products (urochromes) found in the urine.

Accordingly, the emergence of the urochromes determines the extent of the yellow color, which can vary from an intense yellow (hypotonic urine) to colorless or transparent.

The hydration is also very important here: Those who drink a lot have a lighter urine, those who drink less fluid tend to have a darker one.

Eliminate at least one and a half liters per day
Health experts recommend drinking at least as much per day that 1.5 liters of urine are excreted via the urinary tract. In this way, the kidneys and urinary tract are flushed well. Ideally, the lightest possible urine is.

However, if you excrete very little and very dark urine, it may indicate a kidney or liver problem.

Other shades such as neon yellow, pink or greenish can result from increased intake of vitamin B, after enjoying beetroot and blueberries or from certain bacteria. Such discoloration is usually harmless.

Blood in urine
However, if the urine is cloudy or there are particles floating in it, you should see a doctor. Cloudy and flaky urine often indicates a urinary tract infection.

Reddish urine secretions speak for blood in the urine and thus possibly for kidney or ureter stones or other, more serious diseases of the urinary tract.

"Bladder infections are the most common cause of blood in the urine," said Dr. Reinhold Schaefer, urologist and managing director of Uro-GmbH Nordrhein.

But: "If there is blood in the urine without any signs of bladder or kidney inflammation, the presence of bladder cancer should be ruled out," said the expert.

Orange to brown cloudiness can indicate, among other things, a disease of the gallbladder or liver.

Foamy urine or fat eyes floating on the urine can also indicate kidney problems.

Medical examination instead of self-diagnosis
While it makes sense to monitor your excretions, self-diagnoses are "always to be seen with caution," says Dr. Shepherd.

After all, "reddish discoloration and other changes can also occur after consuming certain foods or taking some medication."

According to experts, urine self-tests from the pharmacy usually do little because they often cause unnecessary worries due to a high error rate and incorrect use.

To get security and get to the bottom of the cause, we recommend going to the urologist.

This also applies to pain, fever, nausea and malaise in connection with abnormalities in the urine.

Some medical professionals recommend that you do a urine test once a year without any symptoms, in order to detect possible abnormalities such as increased blood sugar at an early stage. (ad)

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