Health: Better grilling without toxic aluminum foil: Here's how

Health: Better grilling without toxic aluminum foil: Here's how

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Grilling without aluminum foil: leaves and woks as an alternative
It's not just meat that has been cooked on the grill for a long time. The side dishes are also being prepared more and more frequently. But what are the alternatives to aluminum foil, for example to grill pickled sheep's cheese? The clever way to prepare vegetables or feta cheese on the grill are natural leaves. Just wrap it up and put it on the rack. Rhubarb, banana, cabbage, chard or vine leaves are suitable for this. Banana leaves can be bought in Asian shops. If the leaves are very firm, it helps to heat them in a little hot water for a short time. This makes them soft and easier to wrap around the food.

Another alternative can be vegetables themselves. For example, hollowed out peppers, tomatoes or zucchini are suitable for filling. Fish, potatoes and vegetables can be packed well in baking paper and then grilled. Instead of packing the grill ingredients, you can put vegetables such as small mushrooms and slices of zucchini, corn and peppers on wooden skewers.

There are also grill bowls made of stainless steel or enamel as well as pans and small wok bowls made of cast iron and stainless steel. The big advantage: they are reusable. The grilled food only needs a little longer than in aluminum trays.

Special grill paper is also suitable. The paper must first be placed in warm water and then wrapped around the food to be grilled. The ends are tied together with a thread and grilling can begin. Dr. Claudia Müller, bzfe

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