Durable: Why eggs in the store are not in the refrigeration department?

Durable: Why eggs in the store are not in the refrigeration department?

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Proper storage: Why eggs in Germany are not in the refrigerated counter
Eggs are a staple food for many people. According to experts, they are much healthier than their reputation has suggested for years. Their shelf life is of course limited. Nevertheless, they are not kept in the refrigerated counter in German supermarkets. Why actually?

Eggs are healthier than their reputation
Eggs still have a pretty bad reputation for health in some people. According to experts, however, they have various health benefits. Recently, US medical professionals reported that eating eggs in children encourages growth. In addition to the important protein, chicken eggs also contain valuable minerals such as iron and zinc and vitamins A, E and K. It seems strange that these fresh foods are not stored in the refrigerator in the supermarket. Why is that?

Organic goods are healthier
Adults are often advised not to eat more than two eggs a day due to the supposedly unhealthy cholesterol. However, many experts have lifted such egg warnings.

Accordingly, as a healthy person, one should not worry much about the cholesterol in these foods. And on special occasions like Easter, three eggs are fine.

Experts often recommend buying organic eggs, they are much healthier. Eggs are best stored in the egg compartment of the refrigerator, experts advise. But why aren't they already chilled in the supermarket?

A natural protective layer makes eggs stable for over two weeks
On the website of the Edeka supermarket chain, cook expert Jürgen Zimmerstädt explains that eggs have a natural protective layer, the so-called cuticle, which makes them stable for 18 days after laying.

Among other things, this layer ensures that Salmonella and other bacteria do not get inside. When this protection is gone, the eggs must be stored cool so that they stay fresh and durable.

Raw eggs can be kept for about 28 days after being laid; boiled eggs can be kept in the refrigerator for two to four weeks longer.

In the United States, eggs are washed after they are laid
In countries like the USA and Canada, eggs have to be stored refrigerated in the supermarket, according to Zimmerstädt. Because there they are washed after laying, which destroys the natural protective layer of the product.

For hygienic reasons, the eggs can therefore no longer be offered in the shop without refrigeration. (ad)

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