Superfoods: flax seeds instead of chia

Regional »superfood« is becoming increasingly popular
Superfood is and remains a trend. More and more consumers are discovering the advantages of domestic flax seeds and blueberries instead of chia and acai berries. A regional market research firm Nielsen showed that regional origins are a key selling point for every second consumer.

More than 1,500 consumers were interviewed for the study. In addition, over 500 consumers were interviewed about why they choose alternative diet styles.

Result: Consumers shop more consciously these days. They want to optimize their diet and do something for their health. Many see the purchase of "superfood" as a way to achieve this goal. More than one in four consumers regularly tries to supplement their menu with such products. "However, superfood is not a protected term," says nutritionist Harald Seitz from the Federal Center for Nutrition. »In principle, every food can be advertised as superfood and sold at a high price. Although the products are nutritionally valuable, they are not a miracle cure. «Instead of changing individual aspects of the diet, it makes more sense to pay attention to a varied and balanced diet.

»There is no all-inclusive food. And to be honest, I would also find it extremely boring to restrict my food selection, «says Seitz. »Of course superfood doesn't do any harm. But an apple in between, it does too. «

In 2016 the Germans spent almost 45 times more money on superfood than in 2014. This is primarily due to a larger range. Superfood is now available almost everywhere in retail. On average, superfood buyers spend 21 euros a year on it. The boom is mainly due to chia seeds that are available in drugstores and discounters. This is followed by dried fruits such as goji or aronia berries and nutritional supplements such as spirulina, moringa and wheat grass. Around 13 percent of Germans are interested in products that contain superfood. Enriched foods such as muesli, baked goods and confectionery are becoming increasingly important. According to the research, the typical superfood buyer is a city man and over 40 years old. Most of them are couples or families with a good income who are already paying attention to a healthy diet and also like to choose organic and vegetarian alternatives. Heike Kreutz, respectively

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