Barbecue accidents: Why burns should not be cooled permanently

Barbecue accidents: Why burns should not be cooled permanently

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Burns in a grill accident: Do not cool burns permanently
In sunshine and high temperatures, there is nothing better for many than barbecuing outdoors with friends. A cool beer and a juicy steak make the day perfect. Unfortunately, there are always accidents with burns. Experts have some tips on what to consider.

Grilling accidents
Sunshine, a cool beer, delicious sausages and a juicy steak on the grill: For many Germans this is the ideal idea of ​​a successful summer day. The joy of the hobby grill can quickly be clouded. In the barbecue season, accidents with burns are not uncommon. Experts explain how to behave correctly in the event of an accident on the grate.

Call emergency services in the event of severe burns
Experts repeatedly point out that no methylated spirit should be used when grilling, as this often leads to burns.

In the event of severe and large-scale burns (more than one forearm), the emergency services (emergency call 112) must be called immediately.

The German Red Cross (DRK) writes in a message that the situation can be life-threatening, particularly if the face is burned or if hot air is inhaled.

Do not cool large burns
In case of burns, skin damage occurs after a few seconds. Professor Dr. Peter Sefrin, federal physician at the German Red Cross, advises that small-area wounds (up to the size of the palm of a hand) should only be cooled temporarily for pain relief.

Because: "Long-term cooling with water can result in hypothermia in large-scale injuries." It is better not to cool large burns at all, but to see a doctor straight away.

"Cover the wound with a (burn) bandage from the first aid kit of your car. Then bandage the wound loosely and without pressure, ”explains the doctor.

Home remedies for burns
In his opinion, home remedies for burns such as ointments, oil or flour do not belong on a burn.

According to other experts, such means can provide relief from minor burns. The healing effects of aloe vera play an important role in this.

However, not only accidents, but also various chemical substances that can arise during barbecuing pose a health risk.

For example, the smoke can contain so-called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, or PAHs, that can cause cancer. These occur, for example, when fat or marinade drips into the fire or the grill meat is extinguished with beer.

However, if you follow a few tips and tricks, the BBQ can also be designed without harmful substances.

For example, the crustaceans when grilling can be reduced by the right preparation and marinades. (ad)

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