Lower back pain: Pain relief in just four steps for acute back pain

First aid for the cross: alleviate acute back pain - in four steps
Sooner or later it hits everyone: once jerked or sat in a curved position for too long, it pulls painfully in the back. Out of uncertainty, those affected often try to ignore the ailments or to move as little as possible. Both are wrong. Dr. Reinhard Schneiderhan, orthopedic surgeon from Munich and President of the German Spine League, explains in four steps what options sufferers have to deal with sudden complaints:

1. Heat treatment
Tension is one of the most common causes of back pain. Sitting for a long time, for example, leads to poor circulation in the muscles. As a result, the tissue does not get enough nutrients and oxygen. Muscle strands harden and cause so-called tension pain. One of the simplest immediate countermeasures is heat. Home remedies such as warming blankets, plasters and ointments stimulate the blood circulation and thus noticeably relieve the pain.

2. Step storage
Subsequently, those affected put themselves in a position that is as easy on the back as possible: To do this, lie on your back on a comfortable surface and place your feet on a chair or stool. The thighs are at right angles to the upper body. This so-called step positioning reduces the pressure on intervertebral discs and nerve roots in the spinal cord.

3. Movement
However, the back should not remain in this position for too long. Because even with appropriate aids such as pillows and heat sources, muscle hardening occurs again when the body is not moving. As soon as the worst pain has subsided, a gentle stretching of the arms and legs is recommended. If this noticeably helps to relax the muscles, those affected can stand up in a further step and stimulate the circulation with light gymnastic exercises.

4. If nothing helps, go to the doctor
If the pain persists for more than three days and if there are side effects such as muscle weakness or numbness, those affected should immediately consult a doctor. Because these symptoms occasionally indicate symptoms such as bulging discs or spinal stenoses. Experts can assess the complaints and in the best case rule out an illness.

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