Healthy nutrition: Superfoods like chia seeds generate millions of sales

Record sales for superfood: consumers love chia seeds and the like
For many health-conscious people, exotic berries such as goji or chia seeds are very popular. Such "superfood" should make you slim and beautiful, have a rejuvenating effect and sometimes even help against diseases. The sale of such foods has now reached new record levels.

Record sales for the superfood industry
Food advertised as "superfood" such as goji, acai berries or chia seeds are said to suddenly improve health. Some of the exotic berries are said to not only have a rejuvenating effect, but could even help against diseases such as diabetes or cancer. The trend towards such foods has proven record sales for the "superfood" industry, reports the magazine "Wirtschaftswoche".

Effects on human health
Chia seeds are considered a natural medicine remedy. Goji berries are also said to have an immense effect on human health.

Compared to other fruits, they contain a lot of iron, calcium, magnesium and vitamins A, C and E and have been used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for thousands of years.

Among other things, for the treatment of high blood pressure, high blood sugar, for strengthening the immune system, or for eye problems.

According to experts, their alleged rejuvenation effect has not been scientifically proven. Even with chia seeds, according to some experts, it is not clear what the superfood can do. These are no healthier than comparable products such as linseed.

The unbroken trend towards superfood
Nutritionists have pointed out in the past that domestic vegetables are just as good as exotic superfood.

In addition, the consumer magazine "Öko-Test" found in an investigation that there are harmful substances in almost all such products.

Nevertheless, the trend towards superfood continues.

Chia seeds are the most popular
As reported by the "Wirtschaftswoche", chia seeds, goji berries and the like were sold in Germany for a total of 42.6 million euros in 2016. This emerges from a study by the market researcher Nielsen, which is available to the magazine.

Two years earlier, sales were still 1.5 million euros. According to Nielsen expert Anne-Kathrin Haubert, the increasing interest of many consumers in healthy eating and a massive expansion of the range in retail are responsible for the increase.

Last year, many drugstores and discounters added the trend products to their range as own brands. According to the study, chia seeds are particularly popular.

"Overall, chia seeds make up around 63 percent of the sales share of superfood," said Haubert. This would be followed by dried fruits such as goji or aronia berries as well as nutritional supplements such as spirulina, moringa or wheat grass.

According to “Wirtschaftswoche”, superfood eaters spent an average of around 21 euros a year on trendy foods. (ad)

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