Exactly 57 grams of nuts a week cut the risk of colon cancer in half

Exactly 57 grams of nuts a week cut the risk of colon cancer in half

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Eating nuts can prevent colon cancer from returning
Colon cancer is a disease that can easily lead to death. Researchers have now found that eating certain nuts can help reduce the risk of colon cancer return.

In their investigation, scientists at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston found that consuming at least 57 grams of walnuts per week in colon cancer survivors significantly reduced the risk of colon cancer recurrence. The doctors publish the results of their study at the meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO).

Consuming nuts can reduce the risk of colon cancer returning by 42 percent
For their investigation, the experts analyzed food intake questionnaires from a clinical study in 826 patients with stage 3 colorectal cancer. At this stage, the cancer spreads to nearby lymph nodes. The results of the current study show the health benefits of consuming nuts with previous colon cancer. If colon cancer survivors consume at least 57 grams of tree nuts (about 48 almonds or 36 cashew nuts) in a week, the chance of cancer returning is reduced by about 42 percent. In addition, the risk of colorectal cancer death decreased by 57 percent, compared to people who did not eat nuts, the scientists explain.

Advantages only arise when consuming so-called tree nuts
All patients in the study were previously treated with surgery and chemotherapy to help overcome their colon cancer. The advantage in the renewed risk of disease could only be achieved by eating tree nuts, but not by consuming peanuts, the researchers say. The reason for this could be that peanuts are actually legumes. Legumes have a different metabolic composition than tree nuts.

Proper nutrition can improve long-term patient survival
This study shows that something as simple as eating nuts can make a difference in a patient's long-term survival, the authors say. The effects of healthy eating in cancer treatment are often overlooked by doctors and their patients.

Diabetes and obesity affect the risk of colon cancer
The team of researchers focused on nut consumption in their research because previous studies had shown that eating nuts can reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes. The scientists explain that these are known factors that also influence the risk of recurrence and death in colorectal cancer.

More research is needed
The results should be particularly interesting for colorectal cancer survivors of stage 3 colorectal cancer who want to prevent the disease from returning, the researchers report. Further studies must now examine whether tree nuts are also associated with better health effects in other stages of colon cancer, the authors say. (as)

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