Tragic death due to change in diet: baby dies from superfood eating

Tragic death due to change in diet: baby dies from superfood eating

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Superfood death: Baby dies because parents change their diet
Health experts advise that you go to the doctor quickly if you are suspected of lactose intolerance. In Belgium, parents did not take the advice of a doctor, but "diagnosed" their baby with both lactose and gluten intolerance and then changed their diet. The infant then died.

Superfood instead of breast milk
Breastfeeding is considered the best nutrition for an infant, because breast milk contains an optimal composition of all the nutrients that the child needs in the first months of life. However, many mothers breastfeed their baby far too short. A woman in Belgium also apparently breastfed her young son for less than is generally recommended. According to media reports, she and her husband decided to feed the offspring with so-called superfood. The baby then died.

Baby was starved and dehydrated
According to Belgian press reports, the seven-month-old Lucas only weighed 4.3 kg when he died - and thus only about half as much as would have been normal at this age.

The infant was starved and dehydrated, as doctors later found.

According to the information, his parents had only fed him milk substitutes made from oats, buckwheat, quinoa and rice. Now they are on trial.

Infant did not tolerate baby food so well
According to the reports, Lucas was breastfed by his mother in the first months after his birth and given the bottle. But apparently the little boy didn't tolerate the food very well.

However, the parents did not consult a doctor, but simply assumed that their son was suffering from gluten and lactose intolerance (lactose intolerance).

The parents' lawyer, Karine Van Meirvenne, said a report in the British Daily Mail: "Lucas had an eating disorder. He got cramps when he was bottle-fed, and his parents tried alternatives. ”

So they gave him products that they sold in their own health food store. As a result, according to the mother, the boy kept increasing and decreasing. Lucas was always happy and played, the customers of the shop could have seen that too.

Only when the baby had to vomit violently did the parents go with him to a homeopath, who immediately sent them to a hospital. Once there, it was already too late.

Unsuitable for infants
"The parents found in their own diagnosis that their child was gluten and lactose intolerant," said the responsible prosecutor.

"Not a single doctor had a dossier about Lucas, and child protection services didn't know about them either."

Pediatrician Elisabeth De Greef from the University Hospital Brussels said in the "Daily Mail" that feeding quinoa milk and similar products to infants is an absolute "no-go".

"These types of milk, which you can buy in a supermarket, do not contain the necessary proteins, minerals and vitamins."

"They are not adapted to infants and are therefore unsuitable."

The prosecutor's office is demanding 18 months' imprisonment for the parents. The defense argues, among other things, that the couple still have three daughters who are doing well with their parents. The verdict is expected in mid-June. (ad)

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