Researcher: These Tai Chi exercises are effective against sleep problems

Researcher: These Tai Chi exercises are effective against sleep problems

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Tai Chi relieves therapy-related sleep disorders in breast cancer
In a study, American scientists were able to show that Tai Chi therapy-related sleep disorders in breast cancer patients can alleviate as well as cognitive behavior therapy.

According to guidelines, sleep disorders as a result of chemotherapy for breast cancer should include be treated with cognitive behavioral therapy. The researchers have now investigated whether a simplified Tai Chi variant can help with sleep disorders. The "Tai chi chih" form used consists of 20 simple movements that are relatively easy to learn.

90 breast cancer patients who complained of sleep disorders after the therapy were randomly divided into two groups. One group participated in cognitive behavioral therapy with weekly sessions lasting three months. The patients in the other group took part in a "Tai chi chih" course. Groups were examined again after one year.

The sleep quality and the symptom of improvement had improved in both groups. In the "Tai chi chih" group, 46.7% of women slept better compared to 43.7% of women in the other group. You can find the study here. (Association of German Alternative Practitioners)

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