New study: carbonated water can cause obesity

Rise of an appetizing hormone: Why carbonation can make you fat
It can actually be assumed that water is conducive to losing weight. It is also - but non-carbonated. A new study showed that carbonation stimulates the formation of a so-called hunger hormone. This increases the risk of being overweight, the researchers emphasize in the study report.

Insufficient fluid intake is unhealthy
If a person drinks too little, the fluid balance becomes unbalanced. That endangers health. Loss of fluid can cause physical and mental discomfort. Affected people develop, among other things, difficulty concentrating, dry mouth, fatigue or constipation. So there is no question that the human body needs enough fluid to stay healthy. However, it is controversial how much water is really healthy per day. Sometimes it means at least two liters a day, then again three or more. Now a new question arises: Which water should it be best? According to a current study, one without sparkling water is more likely, because carbon dioxide can make you fat.

Relationship between carbonic acid and weight gain
Whether in soft drinks, sparkling wine or sparkling wine: carbonated drinks are extremely popular in Germany as well as in many other European countries. That, among many others, could be one of the reasons why Europeans are getting fatter.

In a recent study from Palestine, a clear connection between carbonic acid and weight gain was found.

The results of the study by scientists from the Birzeit University in Ramallah were recently published in the journal Obesity Research and Clinical Practice Journal.

Appetizing hormone ghrelin
To get their results, the researchers led by Professor Johnny Stiban had divided rats into two groups, which were kept under the same conditions but received different drinks - with or without carbonation.

It was shown that the rodents who consumed carbonated drinks increased faster than the animals in the control group during the one-year study period.

The scientists also provide an explanation for this. According to a statement from the university, the rats supplied with sodas had increased levels of the hormone ghrelin in their bodies.

This also ensures that people get more appetite. For example, ghrelin is also responsible for why regular exercise is helpful when losing weight. Because during exercise, the appetizing hormone is reduced.

The experts also found that the fat levels of the liver were also significantly increased in the animals.

Tap water instead of carbonated drinks
After the rat experiment, 20 male students were tested for ghrelin levels after taking various drinks, thereby demonstrating the results of the study.

The values ​​of the appetizing hormone were also increased in the human study participants.

"The result of the study shows that carbonic acid in soft drinks plays an important role in weight gain and the onset of obesity in male mammals due to the release of ghrelin and the associated stimulation of appetite," said the researchers.

However, the fact that soft drinks are often the cause of obesity is much more due to the enormously high amounts of sugar they contain.

More scientific research is certainly needed to clarify whether carbonic acid actually leads to more appetite and consequently to a higher food intake through the release of the hormone ghrelin.

However, if you are impressed by the study results, it is best to switch to tap water. This is usually as good as mineral water anyway and also cheaper. (sb, ad)

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