Cancer: Grape seed extracts inhibit the progression of prostate cancer

Cancer: Grape seed extracts inhibit the progression of prostate cancer

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Experts are looking for drugs to treat prostate cancer
Prostate cancer is a common disease among men, which often leads to death. Researchers have now found that taking grape seed extract orally can slow the progression of prostate cancer.

The University of Colorado scientists found that grape seed extract can be used effectively to treat prostate cancer. Sa's grape extract slows down the development of the disease.

Grape seed extract limits increases in PSA
In their investigation, the experts checked whether grape seed extract can limit the increase in prostate-specific antigen (PSA). PSA is considered a common marker of prostate cancer progression. The scientists came to the conclusion that grape seed extract can actually slow the progress of prostate cancer.

Participants consume 150mg grape seed extract twice a day
For their study, the scientists gave 150 mg grape seed extract to 40 male participants twice a day. In the early stages of prostate cancer, the disease does not cause symptoms or problems and can only be monitored. The cancer is only treated if this status changes.

No side effects from treatment with grape seed extract
Patients are usually only observed during this time window. The new study is an alternative to observation, not an alternative to treatment, the authors explain, according to the English-language magazine “Express”. The investigation revealed that grape seed extract is unlikely to cause any side effects. Why shouldn't we take the opportunity to wait to test some promising compounds starting with grape seed extract, the authors asked.

The grape seed extract is said to slow the rise in PSA
Prostate cancer is growing very slowly. Many men show no symptoms until the cancer is large enough to put pressure on the urethra. We hope that the new form of treatment will result in the PSA not increasing as quickly as it normally happens in such patients, the researchers explain.

Does Grape Seed Extract Avoid Other Treatments With Side Effects?
If grape seed extract caused the cancer to increase, for example, from one to 1.5 in six months, instead of from 1 to 2 as before, this would be a significant improvement, the study's authors say. This would also help the sick to avoid other treatments with side effects.

Grape seed extract could lead to increased lifespan in prostate cancer patients
Because prostate cancer is growing very slowly, a slight decrease in growth can mean that the date on which the cancer would normally become problematic can be delayed, the doctors say. This could lead to a much longer lifespan for the sufferers. For many prostate cancer patients, the goal is to die of their disease at an older age rather than die from the effects of their disease, the scientists further explain. We see potential for grape seed extract to achieve this goal, the researchers said.

Grape seed extract makes it difficult for prostate cancer to get nutrients
Grape seed extract is able to produce oxidative stress that damages cancer cell DNA and disrupts the pathways needed to repair such damage, the researchers say. Another study from 2015 found that grape seed extract in so-called prostate cancer progenitor cells slowed down their ability to grow new blood vessels. The latter are usually needed to provide the cancer with nutrients. (as)

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