Not just headache symptoms: neck pain can indicate migraines

Not just headache symptoms: neck pain can indicate migraines

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Sometimes migraines can also be behind neck pain
Around ten percent of the German population suffers from migraines. The violent attacks not only lead to headaches, but are often accompanied by various other complaints, including neck pain.

Every tenth German affected
Almost every tenth German suffers from migraines. Those affected can literally be put out of action by the disease. Typical symptoms of migraines include throbbing, pounding, and one-sided headaches. However, those affected may experience pain in the neck, eyes or teeth. This is indicated by the professional association of German neurologists (BVDN) on the website "Neurologists and Psychiatrists on the Net".

Pain can become chronic
According to the experts, people who often suffer from such symptoms and cannot attribute them to any other cause should consult a doctor.

It is not a good idea to just take painkillers to relieve the symptoms. According to the neurologists, this could make the pain chronic.

The fact that migraines can also trigger neck pain is due to the large occipital nerve that runs down the back of the head and down to the neck. Its foothills meet those of the trigeminal nerve in the brain. This is increasingly activated in the event of a migraine attack.

Reduce complaints naturally
In addition to headache and neck pain, there are often other complaints such as nausea and vomiting, dizziness and loss of appetite.

In addition, light, sounds and smells are often perceived much more intensely than normal and quickly become an unbearable burden.

According to estimates, twelve to 14 percent of women and six to eight percent of men in Germany have migraines. The chronic illness is not curable, but can be treated well.

Experts usually advise sufferers not to take medication too quickly. Because migraine painkillers taken in the long term lead to more seizures. According to experts, such drugs should be taken a maximum of ten days a month.

Many patients can also manage their symptoms with home remedies for migraines. These include a regular daily schedule, enough sleep, sufficient exercise, relaxation exercises and a balanced diet. (ad)

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