Women's Health: The Unknown Rushing Woman Syndrome

Dr. Libby Weaver: The Rushing Woman Syndrome
Female sex and stress hormones are closely related: if they are not in balance, this has consequences for the body and mind. The biochemist Dr. Libby Weaver has researched why women suffer from permanent stress more than ever and what health effects it has. For this, she coined the term "Rushing Woman Syndrome".

"An imbalance in the sex hormones easily leads to women feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where their heads are," explains Dr. Libby Weaver, the author of the book. In the first half of the cycle, the sex hormone estrogen dominates in the female body, which stimulates the new formation of the endometrium and ensures that sufficient fat reserves are available in the event of conception. In the second half of the cycle, from ovulation to bleeding, progesterone is the predominant hormone. It is used to preserve the endometrium for a possible pregnancy. In addition, it also counteracts depression and anxiety and is essential for clear thinking.

When women are under constant stress, stress hormones are increasingly released, which suggest that the body is in danger of life and food shortages. Progesterone is associated with fertility from the body's perspective. “If the body believes that we are in mortal danger and that there is nothing left to eat anyway, pregnancy would be the last thing a woman could use. As a result, the body stops producing progesterone, ”explains Weaver. What remains are the hormones estrogen and cortisol, which promote fat storage and the persistent stress response. "This significant change in female body chemistry represents a massive attack on physical and mental wellbeing. It plays a major role in the development of permanent stress and leads many women to the perception that they have to do more and more quickly.

In “Rushing Woman Syndrome”, the author shows the great harm that permanent stress does to women, especially on a physical level. “The feeling of being constantly in a hurry damages the health of women massively and in an unprecedented way. Permanent stress affects numerous organs, metabolic processes, digestion, the nervous system, emotions and the hormone balance. The effects that the author summarizes under her coined term “Rushing Woman Syndrome” include fertility problems, obesity and the premenstrual syndrome PMS.

Dr. Libby Weaver: The Rushing Woman Syndrome. What permanent stress does to our health. Stuttgart: TRIAS Verlag, 2017. ISBN: 9783432104331

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