SPD federal party conference should decide on reimbursement of homeopathy

SPD federal party conference should decide on reimbursement of homeopathy

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SPD: reimbursement of homeopathy?
The SPD regional association Bremen decided on May 2nd to request the SPD federal party conference in June to create new rules for the labeling and reimbursement of homeopathic medicines.

Specifically, the application, which was brought in by the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Sozialdemokratinnen im Sozialwesen (ASG)”, states: “To create transparency for homeopathic preparations: Introduce evidence of not being medically proven to be effective and not to voluntarily finance ineffective homeopathic services through health insurance companies allow further.

The SPD parliamentary group is asked to introduce a statutory labeling requirement for homeopathic preparations, from which it becomes clear that there is no clear scientific evidence of effectiveness for the effectiveness of homeopathic preparations. The voluntary financing of ineffective homeopathic services by the health insurance companies (with contributions) is no longer permitted. ”

Homeopathy is not scientifically proven
The members of the working group said in their reasoning for the application (p. 79) that there was no scientific proof of the benefits of homeopathic medicines. It is therefore important that “from a health and consumer policy perspective, reliable information about the ineffectiveness of homeopathic preparations enables people to correctly assess possible risks and take them into account in their decisions. The obligation to label unproven efficacy for homeopathic preparations and a ban on voluntary assumption of costs by the health insurance companies will help to improve qualified healthcare for patients and consumer protection. ” (pm)

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