Conscious swearing during sport promotes muscle building and increases endurance

Swearing in athletic tests showed positive effects on strength and endurance
Nowadays, many people make sure that they keep their bodies fit and get enough exercise. There are several ways to improve strength and endurance. Researchers have now found that swearing can also strengthen our muscles and endurance.

In their investigation, scientists at Keele University found that we can further strengthen our endurance and our muscles by swearing during training. In experiments, swearing led to significant improvements in performance. The doctors released a press release on the results of their study.

Subjects had to take two different tests
In their study, the experts carried out two different tests with their subjects. In the first test, the participants had to cope with a short, intensive period on an exercise bike. The test was carried out by the test subjects both with curses and without curses. In a second examination, the participants completed a so-called isometric handle test, both with and without cursing, the authors say.

Swearing improved the results of the physical tests
The results of the two tests showed that swearing during the exercises improved the results. In the first test, the participants had increased stamina due to the swearing, in the second test the swearing led to an increased stiffness. If the test subjects use normal words instead of cursing, this does not increase their performance, the scientists add.

Swearing increases human pain tolerance
The current investigation builds on earlier studies that had already shown that swearing increased human pain tolerance. This explains, for example, why many people swear when they hit their thumbs with a hammer, the doctors explain.

Does swearing affect the body's sympathetic nervous system?
We know from previous research that swearing enables people to better tolerate pain, explains Dr. Richard Stephens from Keele University. Cursing may stimulate the body's so-called sympathetic nervous system. This system affects the heartbeat when those affected are at risk, the expert adds.

The experts' assumptions were confirmed by the new study
Based on the previous study results, the scientists suspected that swearing may not only make pain more bearable, but could also lead to improved strength and endurance. It is precisely these assumptions that were confirmed by the new study, the authors explain.

Current tests do not detect an increase in heart rate
Surprisingly, no increases in heart rate were found in the current tests. The scientists also added that there were no other expected changes in connection with the so-called fight or flight reaction.

More research is needed
Why exactly swearing leads to an increase in strength, endurance and pain tolerance remains unclear, according to the experts. Hopefully, further research will find answers to these questions, Dr. Stephens. It's time for people to fully understand the positive effects of swearing. (as)

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