Healthy: Why the Icelandic Skyr is the most popular sports quark

Healthy: Why the Icelandic Skyr is the most popular sports quark

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Skyr is especially popular with athletes
Skyr is the name of a "new" curd cheese that combines a slightly sour taste with a creamy texture. It comes from Iceland and provides variety for low-fat milk products. The specialty appeals primarily to sporty and health-conscious people, since it contains a lot of protein, but hardly any fat and calories.

In the meantime, the low-fat curd cheese alternative is also on the market in Germany. The products are made according to Icelandic tradition, but the milk comes from local cows. With only 25,000 animals, Icelandic dairies could not meet the demand. For comparison: more than 4 million dairy cows are kept in Germany. For the production, skimmed milk is mixed with special bacterial cultures and possibly some rennet. The amount of milk is four times larger than, for example, yoghurt. When the excess whey is separated, a protein-containing break remains. It is opened and cut up.

According to legend, the Vikings brought Skyr to Iceland in the 9th century. They had made the curd to make milk more stable for the winter. It contains practically no fat (at most 0.5 percent), but should be pleasantly loose and creamy compared to the rather dry low-fat curd. Not only the protein content (11%), but also the calcium content is worth mentioning at 150 milligrams per 100 grams. It is 40 percent higher than ordinary low-fat curd. In addition, 100 grams of Skyr only contain around 60 kilocalories.

Skyr is traditionally eaten pure and with blueberries. It also tastes good with other fresh fruits, in muesli, in sauces and dips. If you add some milk, you can also mix smoothies and pancakes with the traditional Icelandic product. Then it's best to decide for yourself whether the hype surrounding the quark is justified by the island. Heike Kreutz, respectively

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