Pope could also be healthy? Nasal drilling and chewing of nasal secretions promote health

Pope could also be healthy? Nasal drilling and chewing of nasal secretions promote health

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Eating solidified nasal mucus protects our teeth, among other things
Many children drill their noses to eat removed contents. Parents generally do not like to see something like this and accordingly make sure that the offspring stop this behavior. However, researchers have now found that nasal drilling and subsequent consumption of the nasal stone can lead to health benefits.

In their study, the scientists from the internationally recognized Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that nasal drilling and the subsequent consumption of the solidified nasal mucus (popel) can lead to health benefits for our teeth, among other things. The doctors published the results of their study in the journal "Applied and Environmental Microbiology".

Should people drill more in the nose?
The consumption of solidified nasal mucus (popel) can often be observed in small children. However, there are also adults who bite their noses when they feel unobserved. This type of behavior is considered disgusting and wrong in today's society. And this view of the majority of all people seems to be wrong. According to researchers, we should all drill our noses more and eat our pops after removal.

Health benefits of nose drilling are important for adolescent children
The reason for this seemingly strange recommendation is health benefits in connection with consumption. This could be particularly important for growing children, the authors say. In their study, the scientists found that hardened nasal mucus contains so-called salivary mucins, which protect our teeth from harmful bacteria. Such bacteria usually cause cavities in our teeth, the experts explain.

Scientists are currently developing a synthetic nasal mucus
Researchers are now even working on developing a synthetic mucus that could be contained in chewing gum or toothpaste in the future and that also protects the teeth. There is also increasing evidence that the nasal mucus appears to protect against respiratory diseases and gastric ulcers, for example, the doctors add.

Nose drilling is completely natural and makes medical sense
Some experts even believe that people who bite their noses are generally happier, healthier and better in tune with their bodies compared to other people. Nose boring and later eating the dry remains of nasal mucus is a great way to boost our body's immune system. From a medical point of view, this behavior makes sense and is actually a completely natural process, the scientists explain.

Bacteria in the nasal mucus function like a kind of medicine in the intestine
When it comes to the immune system, the nose is like a filter in which a lot of bacteria are accumulated, the researchers explain. When this mixture of bacteria gets into the intestine through consumption, it works there as a kind of medicine.

Should parents now teach their children to drill their noses?
The social stigmatization of nose drilling is wrong and should be stopped, say the experts. In fact, parents should actually encourage their children to drill into their noses and eat the solid nasal mucus found, the researchers continue. (as)

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