Sleepless suffering in Germany - sleep disorders are the new widespread disease

Sleepless suffering in Germany - sleep disorders are the new widespread disease

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80% of all German employees suffer from sleep disorders - every tenth of them suffer from chronic insomnia. The Prime Minister of Württemberg, Winfried Kretschmann, now openly admitted that he suffers from a lack of sleep.

Workers without a night's sleep
The officials are best off. Among them, “only” 3.7% suffer from falling asleep and staying asleep. At 8.8%, the number of employees is more than twice as high, and workers find the least sleep: 11.4% of them suffer from insomnia.

Sleepless in Schleswig-Holstein
In Schleswig-Holstein, 113,000 people can hardly fall asleep at night, are tired during the day, feel constantly exhausted and find little regeneration even during sleep. The number of people with such disabilities is increasing rapidly, by almost a third in the Middle Ages to the Elderly - since 2010.

Minor sleep disorders increase
The lighter sleep disorders are also skyrocketing, namely by 37% in 35-45 year olds in seven years.

Only one in four said they slept well. In 2010 it was every second.

No problem awareness?
Hardly anyone gets sick due to sleep disorders. Only every 20th employee was at the doctor because of sleep problems - in contrast to the widespread distribution of the complaints.

Afraid to be considered a "wimp"?
Are the people concerned afraid of being "tearful"? Working a lot and sleeping little still has the reputation of doing something special in capitalism.

Napoleon's vigilance
Napoleon reportedly never slept more than four hours a night because his plans kept him going. He was not a role model: the conqueror probably suffered from an arsenic addiction and had countless physical ailments.

Celebrities affected
More and more celebrities are open about their complaints: Johnny Depp and Lady Gaga, Elvis and Enimen - they all suffer and suffer from sleep problems.

The creativity trap
The psychologist Bernd Löwe explained the sleep disorders in the entertainment industry as follows: "Irregular lifestyle, night work, frequent changes of location, late-night alcohol, this is risk behavior." Too little sleep can seem like a high.

Lack of rhythm
Sleeping sick people in show business are therefore lacking a structured wake-up sleep rhythm.

Neoliberal barbarism
But where does the high number of sleep disorders in workers come from? They have to work more and more and more "flexibly" - those who do not work unpaid overtime, work multi-shifts and are ready around the clock are afraid of losing their jobs in the mercilessness of the neoliberal working world.

The so squeezed do not come to rest in the literal sense.

A trigger for diseases
Insomnia is a disease, but also a trigger for complications. Insomnia promotes high blood pressure, heart problems, diseases of the metabolism and the psyche.

Mental illnesses
The number of people who report sick due to mental health problems has increased extremely in recent years. Are they related to the lack of sleep?

Psychological consequences
Prolonged insomnia has not only physical but also psychological consequences - for example, they can be the cause as well as the result of depression.

Psychological causes
Insomnia often hides mental hardships. Many people cannot sleep at night because they are afraid of existence.

Today's media world also promotes sleep disorders. Chatting on smartphones, YouTube and Facebook will replace long, uninterrupted sleep.

You can always find something (more or less) interesting on the screen 24 hours a day.

A vicious circle
Once sleep disorders start, they often get worse. Bernd Löwe says: “There is a fixation on the sleep disorder. Self-observation - help, I am awake again, but I have to sleep - increases the inner restlessness, adrenaline is released, and you cannot find sleep. ”

Help for those affected
Those suffering from sleep disorders can enlighten themselves and exchange ideas with fellow sufferers at: (Dr. Utz Anhalt)

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