Healthier development: Talk to babies a lot right after birth

Healthier development: Talk to babies a lot right after birth

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Parents should speak to their baby immediately after birth
Babies can not start with words, but parents should speak to their offspring early on. According to experts, this contributes to better child development. The best thing is face-to-face contact.

Early influences on language development
In the past, it was common for adults to talk to babies primarily in baby language. But today we know that “Dutzi Dutzi” or “Making Bubu” harm children's language development. Later speech understanding is influenced even before birth, for example by what is heard in the womb. And the little ones obviously remember that for a long time. They can even remember the songs from the mother's belly, as Austrian scientists found.

Talk to the baby immediately after birth
Immediately after birth, it is important that parents talk to their baby - even if they do not respond to the language at the beginning. This was pointed out by the professional association of pediatricians (BVKJ) in a message from the dpa news agency.

According to the experts, it is best for parents to speak directly to babies when they speak. Face-to-face contact and a language adapted to the baby draw the child's attention to the words.

Adult conversations or TV language, on the other hand, do not do this.

Communication and individual attention
From about half a year, the little ones understand more and more. For example, children learn new words by parents pointing to something and naming the object.

Learning to speak can also be promoted through simple picture books. According to the experts, parents can also encourage their children from two years of age to talk with simple questions.

Communication and individual attention are fundamentally the best language support - for example in the form of a bedtime story. (ad)

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