Thanks to extreme liquid diet and surgery: Probably the fattest woman worldwide loses 250 kilograms

Thanks to extreme liquid diet and surgery: Probably the fattest woman worldwide loses 250 kilograms

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Successful weight loss: the world's fattest woman is losing 250 kilos
The former fatest woman in the world has lost around 250 kilos thanks to a special liquid diet and a bypass operation. Previously, the Egyptian weighed twice as much. However, the 37-year-old is not freed from her numerous health problems.

Formerly the heaviest woman in the world
The 37-year-old Egyptian Eman Ahmed Abd al-Ati lost around 250 kg in only two months with the help of medical professionals in India. At 500 kg, she had previously been considered the “heaviest woman in the world”. The attending doctors were surprised at how quickly weight loss progressed. However, their treatment is far from over. She continues to suffer from numerous health problems.

250 kilos less in two months
“Eman miraculously did it well. We did not expect such results. We had estimated that it would take six months to lose 200 kg, ”said Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala, surgeon at Saifee Hospital in Mumbai in a contribution from the Hindustan Times newspaper.

But during this time she managed to reduce her weight by 250 kilograms - half of her previous weight.

“Eman's weight loss has dramatically improved her health. Your heart, kidneys and lungs work better and your water retention is also under control, ”added the doctor.

Patient flown to India with a special plane
In the meantime, the patient can sit upright for a long time - instead of constantly lying down as before, reports the AFP news agency. "She looks like a happier and thinner version of herself," said the doctors at Saifee Hospital.

"She finally fits in a wheelchair and can sit for a long time, a few months ago we didn't even dream of that."

Eman Ahmed had not left her apartment in Alexandria (Egypt) for over two decades until she was brought to India for the life-saving surgery in mid-February.

At first, no airline had been found for a long time. Finally, she was brought to Mumbai with a specially converted machine. At that time, she weighed around 500 kilos.

Weight reduction thanks to liquid diet and gastric bypass
According to a report by the "BBC", Eman Ahmed had weighed five kilograms at birth, when she was 11 years old she could only crawl due to her weight.

At that time she was diagnosed with “elephantiasis”. In this disease, lymphatic congestion causes the parts of the body to swell. In addition, she suffered a stroke and became bedridden. Her right arm and right leg were paralyzed, she could not speak.

The Egyptian developed various ailments associated with obesity (obesity) such as diabetes, high blood pressure, gout and breathing interruptions during sleep.

In the Indian metropolis, the Egyptian initially managed to lose 100 kilograms through a liquid food diet until a gastric bypass could be placed in early March.

The patient should now continue to lose weight so that she fits into a computer tomograph. The purpose of this examination is to find out why she is paralyzed on one side and suffers from seizures.

Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala expressed optimism: “We will weigh her in three to four weeks and hope that her weight will drop below the 200 kg mark. She is a fighter. ”(Ad)

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