Jogging significantly more lifespan: One hour of running extends life by a good seven hours

Running is the most effective sport for extending your life
The health-promoting effects of running have often been the focus of scientific research. Jogging is particularly beneficial against cardiovascular diseases. According to a new study, running is the most effective sport to extend your life.

Health benefits of running
Running is healthy. According to studies, jogging is particularly beneficial for cardiovascular diseases. In addition, according to health experts, regular running can help to reduce stress and also help strengthen the bones and thereby prevent, for example, osteoporosis. It also plays an important role in weight loss and thus reduces the risk of diseases such as diabetes or obesity. According to a new study, jogging is the most effective form of life extension training.

Immense impact on lifespan
With every hour you walk, life expectancy increases by up to seven hours. This is what researchers at the Cooper Institute in Dallas (USA) found out.

As the scientists report in the journal "Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases", runners live on average about three years longer than non-runners.

According to the experts, this applies not only to fit athletes, but also to people who only jog, smoke, drink or are occasionally overweight.

No other form of training has such an immense impact on lifespan.

One hour of jogging extends life by seven hours
Three years ago, Cooper Institute scientists published a study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology that concluded that running less than five minutes a day can extend life.

The current knowledge is partly based on that of the older investigation. The new data shows that running, regardless of speed and distance, reduces the risk of premature death by up to 40 percent.

This advantage even occurs with runners who smoke, drink alcohol or have health problems such as high blood pressure or obesity.

According to the researchers' calculations, an hour's running of life extends - statistically - by around seven hours.

Running does not make people immortal
How co-authored Dr. Duck-chul Lee explained in a New York Times report, but the positive effect is "not infinite".

Running does not make people immortal. The gains in life expectancy are, according to Dr. Lee limited to about an additional three years.

Other studies have shown that hiking, cycling and other sports have a life-prolonging effect, but none is as successful as running.

Why this is so is Dr. However, according to Lee, it is unclear. It probably plays a role here that jogging combats typical risk factors for premature death, such as high blood pressure and high body fat. Jogging also increases fitness.

The results also need to take into account that people who run often tend to have a healthier lifestyle that leads to an extended life.

"But even if you consider this possibility, the data suggest that running could add years to our lives," said Dr. Lee. (ad)

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