Highly toxic: patient suffers the sting of a highly toxic scorpion in a Hamburg hotel

Highly toxic scorpion stings woman in Hamburg hotel room
Most Germans probably only find out what to do to protect themselves from poisonous animals before traveling to tropical countries. In this country, after all, you are safe from the deadly dangers, you might think. A recent case from Hamburg shows that this is not always the case. There a young woman was stabbed in her hotel room by a highly toxic scorpion.

Poisonous animal in the hotel room
Few people in this country find out how to protect themselves from poisonous animals and snake bites. Appropriate information is only obtained before certain long-distance trips. In Germany, the dangers posed by animals are ultimately very manageable. Hamburg has now shown that this is not always the case. There a woman in her hotel room was stabbed by a highly toxic scorpion.

Scorpio hidden in the shoe
The Hamburg fire brigade had to arrive on Thursday for a medical emergency in a hotel at Hamburg Central Station, where a woman had been stabbed by a scorpion.

As the woman told the paramedics, she wanted to put her shoes on when she felt "resistance and shortly afterwards a sharp pain".

When she shook out the shoe, a scorpion appeared. "At present, she placed a beaker over the scorpion so that the scorpion could not escape and was thus secured," says the fire brigade's announcement, which was published on the "Press Portal" page.

Patient released from hospital
The patient was given a venous access and antiallergic medication was applied over it. Then she was ambulance to a nearby emergency hospital for further treatment and observation.

The animal was secured by a reptile specialist in a transparent transport box and brought to an animal shelter.

As the “Welt” confesses, according to the Hamburg police, the 23-year-old from Frankfurt am Main has now been released from the hospital and has returned to her hometown intact.

According to other media reports, the woman is 35 years old.

Sand scorpion sting can be fatal
The approximately four centimeter long scorpion is said to be a sand scorpion that occurs in North and Central America and whose “highly poisonous sting, depending on the amount of poison, can even be fatal,” reports the fire department.

The police have begun an investigation into how the animal may have gotten into the hotel. As the news agency dpa reports, a spokeswoman said on Friday about the possible origin of the scorpion: "Nobody has reported to us who misses such an animal."

According to “Welt”, the stung woman had stated that neither she nor her boyfriend had traveled to countries in which scorpions are located in the past few months.

If a possible owner should report at some point, he could face a criminal complaint for physical injury. The Hamburg Hazardous Animal Act (HmbGefahrtierG) came into force in 2013 in the Hanseatic city.

This also stipulates that husbandry facilities such as terrariums “should be designed so that the animals cannot escape,” says the city portal of the Hanseatic city.

In any case, it is more likely that the animal could have entered the hotel through the luggage of other guests, for example. (ad)

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