Fresh fruits every day protect us from type 2 diabetes

Experts are studying the effects of fresh fruit on the risk of diabetes
Diabetes is a common disease in today's society. This is why many people try to reduce their risk of diabetes. Researchers have now found that consuming fresh fruits daily can decrease the likelihood of developing diabetes.

The University of Oxford researchers found that people should eat fresh fruit every day to reduce their risk of diabetes. The researchers published the results of their study in the medical journal "PLOS Medicine".

How does diabetes develop?
Fresh fruit is a good addition to everyday meals. Fruits contain many fibers and antioxidants and provide the body with essential so-called micro-nutrients, the authors say. The current study found that consuming fruit can protect against the risk of developing diabetes. Diabetes occurs when either the pancreas is unable to secrete enough insulin or when the body's cells become resistant to insulin.

Fresh fruits can reduce the risk of diabetes by up to twelve percent
According to the researchers, the daily consumption of fresh fruit reduces the risk of developing diabetes by around twelve percent. For the study, the scientists examined 500,000 people from China.

Don't fruits contain too much sugar?
We know that fresh and seasonal fruits are good for our health, but many people refrain from consuming them because of their high sugar content, the scientists say. Fruits contain natural sugar in the form of fructose. Some experts believe that too much fructose can be harmful.

Positive effects of fresh fruit consumption
However, the current study proves that eating a bowl of fresh fruit daily can help reduce the risk of diabetes and also complications related to diabetes such as heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, and eye disease. The risk of diabetes complications was reduced by 13 to 28 percent through the consumption of fruit, the researchers add.

Diabetics can protect themselves from premature death by consuming fruits
During their investigation, doctors found that people with diabetes who consumed fresh fruit more than three days a week reduced the relative risk of premature death by 17 percent. The scientists also found that regular fruit consumption in healthy people leads to an estimated 0.2 percent reduction in the absolute risk of diabetes over a five-year period.

Which fruits are particularly suitable for diabetics?
You should eat at least a hundred grams of fresh fruit between breakfast and lunch. It is particularly important for diabetics that they eat frequently but still control their calorie intake. Nutritionists explain that the best fruits for diabetics are pomegranates, grapes, apples, blueberries, strawberries, guava, watermelons, cherries, papaya and oranges. (as)

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