Healthy Naan Pizza: Indian flatbreads made very easily

Naan pizza: Indian flatbread from our own oven
If you like pizza, you will also love a homemade Naan pizza. The delicious flat cakes can be prepared easily and in a variety of ways. Traditionally, they are baked on an open flame in a clay oven. The name Naan comes from Persian and simply means bread. The Indians eat the thin flatbread with almost all dishes and use it as an edible spoon substitute to bring meat, vegetables and sauce to the mouth.

Now the Naan is reinterpreted and served as "pizza". The dough can be easily prepared by yourself. The basic ingredients are yeast, water, sugar and flour. In some recipes, yogurt, salt, milk, eggs or ghee are added. Ghee is the clarified butter of Ayurveda and can be compared to the European clarified butter. After kneading, the dough is left covered until it has developed twice the volume. Then it is divided and shaped into round to oval pieces that are wafer-thin in the middle and a little thicker on the edge.

The airy dough patties come in the oven or in a hot coated pan for a few minutes before they are topped as you wish. Some love it classic and go for tomatoes, salami or tuna. Lamb with vegetables or a spinach-feta mixture with olives are also suitable as a topping. Leftovers in the fridge can also be used for pizza. Pepper, caraway, fresh coriander, pesto, chili or garlic oil provide the seasoning.

A delicious variant is a pizza with cheese, fresh mushrooms and some truffle oil. A sweet Naan bread with a thin layer of curd and fresh berries tastes good for afternoon tea. After topping, the oriental flatbread is placed in the oven for another five minutes - and that's it. The big advantage is that it stays crumbly even when cold. The pizza can be reheated the next day and is also suitable for lunch in the office and at school. Heike Kreutz,

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