Survey: Many patients are open to alternative practitioner treatment

Many people are quite open to alternative practitioner therapies
A non-representative survey by jameda, a portal for doctor and alternative practitioner recommendations, among 1,328 patients showed that almost one in two was treated by an alternative practitioner (46%). Of those who stated that they had never been to a naturopath before, two out of three can imagine that for the future.

Of all women surveyed who had never been to a naturopath for treatment, 72% indicated that they could imagine this in the future. But even the men who have only had experience with conventional medicine are open-minded: 58% of them would give alternative practitioners a chance
The willingness to go to a naturopath also seems to depend on age. 71 or 61% of 40 to 59 year olds or over 60 year olds could imagine it. By contrast, only 34% of those under 40 are open to treatment by alternative practitioners.

The main reason why patients choose treatment by a medical practitioner is their approach to not viewing their patients' illnesses independently of other living conditions. In addition, 34% of naturopathic patients stated that alternative healing methods would help them as well as conventional medicine.

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