Alleged news of deadly viral pathogens in strawberries from Egypt

Alleged news of deadly viral pathogens in strawberries from Egypt

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Message persists: Noroviruses in strawberries from Egypt
A chain letter is currently circulating on WhatsApp, warning of the purchase of strawberries from Egypt. These are said to be on sale at Aldi and other supermarkets. What is it about the message?

Warning of strawberries from Egypt
Many people who use WhatsApp have recently received a message that reads that you shouldn't buy strawberries from Egypt at Aldi and other supermarkets because they contain a deadly virus. This message, which can also be read in part on other social platforms, has been distributed several times in the past year. Is this so-called "fake news"?

Message from two years ago
"Don't buy strawberries from Egypt at Aldi or other supermarkets, there is a deadly virus in them. Please don't buy. The news said, go on. A deadly bacterium Ehek. Delivery comes from Egypt - Norovirus alarm! Aldi calls back tons of strawberries ”. (Original spelling mistakes)

This is the message that is currently circulating on WhatsApp. The message is combined with the request "Please share!" And a link to an article in the magazine "Focus".

This link leads to a report from 2015. At that time, warnings were actually given about a health risk from noroviruses in strawberries - but not a fatal one.

Serious health risk
At that time, "Frost Import GmbH" recalled frozen strawberries traded at Aldi Nord because the products could be contaminated with the norovirus.

Infection with noroviruses usually causes violent diarrhea, nausea and vomiting in people.

In addition, there is often a strong feeling of illness with muscle and abdominal pain, occasionally with a slight fever and headache.

According to the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA), severe vomiting diarrhea "can quickly lead to a lack of fluid in the body, which can be manifested by a pronounced feeling of weakness or dizziness". Most of the symptoms disappear completely after a day or two.

In order to prevent infection with the dangerous noroviruses, particular care must be taken to ensure proper hygiene.

Recalled goods have not yet expired
One reason why the news is so persistent and still spreading could be the best-before date for frozen strawberries.

At that time, the recall affected the "Golden Fruit" strawberries, batch 150606, best before date 28.04.2017 and "Golden Fruit" berry mix, batch 150656, best before 05.05.2017.

The goods have not yet expired. However, one can in all probability assume that after the recall two years ago there are no more contaminated goods in the German supermarkets.

Since the recall in 2015, there has been no evidence of further finds of noroviruses in strawberries from Egypt. (ad)

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