Urology: Men should do their own testicular check regularly

Testicular cancer screening: urologists call for a “testicular check”
Every year, around 4,000 - mostly younger - men develop testicular cancer. According to health experts, the chances of recovery from this type of cancer are comparatively good. However, the disease must be recognized early enough for this. Urologists therefore advertise regular self-examinations.

Young men especially affected
There has been a steady rise in testicular cancer in Europe and the United States in recent years. "There is an increasing frequency of new cases worldwide - also in Germany," write experts from the professional association of German urologists and the German Society for Urology (DGU) on the "Urologist Portal". There are around 4,000 new cases of testicular cancer in this country, with the disease mainly affecting younger men. The experts therefore call especially young men for a “testicular check” in order to detect testicular cancer as early as possible.

Not every nub indicates cancer
Testicular carcinomas are among the rather rare cancers. Health experts say that mostly 20- to 40-year-olds are affected. You should therefore regularly check your testicles for hardening.

Testicular cancer is often noticeable to the affected patient due to painless hardening and / or swelling of the testicle concerned.

But not everyone who discovers an unusual lump when touched has testicular cancer right away. It could also be the epididymis or the result of an injury.

Testicular pain also does not necessarily have to be related to a malignant disease.

Experts advise men to go to a urologist who does an ultrasound examination if in doubt.

Young men should take their crotch regularly
The German Society for Urology (DGU) will be promoting self-examination as part of a theme week starting Monday.

“Men and especially young men are known to be extremely precautionary and consider themselves invulnerable. Understandably, many boys in puberty are not yet aware of the topic of testicular tumor. Testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer among young men with around 4,000 new cases per year, ”said DGU press spokesman Prof. Dr. Christian Wülfing in a message.

The website "" should provide information on this. There will also be a video clip, expert discussions and a graffiti campaign to encourage men to step in more often.

Disease can be cured in most cases
According to the experts, testicular cancer is curable in around 95 percent of all cases, but usually only by surgical removal of the affected testicle.

Metastases, which usually occur in the back of the abdomen or in the lungs, are combated with chemotherapy.

The therapy does not affect sexuality or the sensation of pleasure. But: "Have sperm frozen before the treatment, as testicular cancer and its therapy endanger fertility," write the urologists.

The exact causes of testicular cancer are not known
The causes of testicular cancer have not yet been fully elucidated. However, some risk factors are known that can have a beneficial effect on the development. Above all, this includes a so-called undescended testicle after birth, which is usually corrected in small children.

Hereditary factors are also believed to be the cause of an increased risk of disease, since the tumor often occurs frequently within a family.

As part of the testicular cancer theme week, urologists also want to reach their target group with easy sayings. There is, among other things, sprayed penis graffiti with a stylized hand that scans the testicles. Then sayings such as "So that you don't get testicular cancer on the bag" can be found. (ad)

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