Brain inflammation: TBE infection also confirmed by raw milk

Brain inflammation: TBE infection also confirmed by raw milk

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TBE infection from raw goat milk
Early summer meningoencephalitis (TBE) is a dangerous infectious disease that can, among other things, lead to inflammation of the brain and meninges. The disease is transmitted by ticks. However, experts now report that TBE infections from raw milk have also been proven.

Health risk from raw milk
Fresh milk from the farm is becoming increasingly popular. However, it is controversial among experts whether their consumption has more advantages or disadvantages. For example, researchers reported that raw milk protects children from asthma, but on the other hand there are numerous germs, which is why experts, such as the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), point out that raw milk should always be boiled before consumption. Researchers are now reporting on another, previously unknown health risk from raw milk.

TBE is not only transmitted by ticks
"For the first time, scientists have knowledge of a well-documented case of two TBE diseases due to infected raw goat milk in Germany," wrote the University of Hohenheim in a message.

TBE (early summer meningoencephalitis) can be difficult, especially in the elderly. Symptoms appear in about a third of those infected.

First, there are flu-like symptoms such as fever, headache, vomiting and dizziness.

According to doctors, around ten percent also develop meningitis and cerebral inflammation with the risk of permanent damage such as paralysis. The disease leads to death in one to two percent of sufferers.

Infection from eating raw goat milk
It has long been known that ticks transmit serious diseases. In addition to TBE, Lyme disease should also be mentioned here.

At a press conference, scientists from the University of Hohenheim will report on the case in which two people were infected with TBE pathogens by drinking raw goat milk last year.

“Occasionally, such cases were already known from Eastern Europe. The disease in Germany is the first fully documented case, ”write the experts.

They also want to present further new insights into ticks. According to the information, TBE was detected for the first time in a tick species that had never been infected before. (ad)

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