Survey: Every fourth person insured by law is interested in homeopathy

The assumption of costs for homeopathy by the statutory health insurance (GKV) is important to every fourth consumer, according to the result of an evaluation of inquiries from the comparison portal CHECK24. According to the portal, this filter is selected by almost 25% in the SHI comparison calculator.

Consumers from the south and west of the Federal Republic are most interested in homeopathy: 29% of customers from Saarland and 28% each from Bavaria and Rhineland-Palatinate filter the results in a CHECK24 comparison according to whether the health insurance company pays the costs for homeopathy. In Bremen (17%) and Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt (both 18%), consumers are least interested in this service.

When it comes to assuming costs, the health insurers distinguish between homeopathic treatment (e.g. initial examination) and homeopathic medicines. Some health insurers do not cover both or part of the costs. Depending on the statutes, the insurance companies provide e.g. even when treated by a specific therapist. Homeopathic medicines (e.g. globules) are usually only reimbursed with a private prescription. (pm)

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Video: Dispelling the myths of homeopathy. Dr. Shantanu Abhyankar. TEDxPICT (January 2022).