Recall started: Viva Vital retrieves Wiener Wiener due to metal splinters

Recall started: Viva Vital retrieves Wiener Wiener due to metal splinters

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Metal splinters in Viva Vital product: Netto announces recall for Viennese poultry
The discounter "Netto" informs on its website about the recall of "Poultry Viennese with skimmed milk yogurt, smoked" of the Friki brand "Viva Vital" (300 grams). There could be metal splinters in the product.

Recall for smoked Viennese poultry
The discounter "Netto" draws attention to the regional recall of sausages from Friki Döbeln GmbH on its website. The recall affected "Poultry Viennese with skimmed milk yoghurt, smoked" of the Friki brand "Viva Vital" (300 grams) with the best-before dates from 03/22/2017 to 03/3/2017. According to the information, only goods with the stated best-before dates will be recalled. This information is on the back of the product.

There could be metal splinters on the sausages
According to the announcement, the product was offered regionally at Netto Marken-Discount in parts of Bremen, Hamburg, Hesse, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia and Schleswig-Holstein.

“It cannot be ruled out that metal fragments are on the Viennese in individual packs. It is not advisable to consume the products with the best-before dates from March 22, 2017 to April 3, 2017, ”the company writes.

Both the company Friki Döbeln and Netto have taken the goods out of sale as a precaution. Customers who have bought the corresponding product can return it to their shops for a refund of the purchase price without presenting the receipt.

Foreign bodies in food
Due to errors in the manufacturing processes, foreign bodies or contamination in food can occur again and again.

Recently, a comprehensive recall campaign for potato salad was started because of the danger of foreign bodies possibly being contained.

In addition to foreign bodies, contamination with health-endangering germs is a common reason for food recalls. (ad)

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