Studies: DASH diet reduced the risk of cancer

Studies: DASH diet reduced the risk of cancer

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Study: DASH diet reduces the risk of gallbladder cancer
Diets high in vegetables, fruit, lean meat, nuts, milk and whole grains have a more than 60 percent lower risk of gallbladder cancer.

Anyone who adheres to a DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) or Mediterranean diet lowers their risk of developing carcinoma of the gallbladder or extrahepatic bile duct. This is the conclusion reached by scientists from Sweden.

The study included more than 76,000 adults between the ages of 45 and 83 who were not previously diagnosed with carcinoma of the gallbladder or bile duct.

In 1998 and 1997, they answered a questionnaire on their eating habits the year before the survey. The proportion of patients with a diet that corresponded to the modified DASH diet or a modified Mediterranean diet was recorded. Information on cancer incidence has been taken from the Swedish cancer registry. The study ranged from 1998 to 2012; the study participants were followed up on average by 13.3.

Adherence to the two diets was significantly associated with a reduced risk of developing gallbladder or biliary tract cancer. Click here to go to the abstract of the study. (pm)

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