Prostate complaints: Diabetes can significantly increase the symptoms

Urination problems: Diabetes can make prostate symptoms worse
About every second man over 50 and almost every over 80 years has an enlarged prostate. Affected people usually have urinary problems. Such symptoms may worsen in people who have diabetes.

Many older men have prostate problems
The prostate usually enlarges with age. About every second man over 50 and almost every over 80 years has an enlarged prostate. Dr. Reinhold Schaefer, urologist and medical director of the medical network Uro-GmbH North Rhine, said in an interview: "The proximity to the urethra can lead to constrictions - combined with problems of varying severity when urinating." Urge to urinate. These problems can increase in diabetics.

Discomfort when urinating
"Sufferers often notice that the urine stream weakens, difficulty starting to urinate and that several attempts are necessary to completely empty the bladder," said the expert.

"Other signs of enlargement are increased pressure when urinating, more frequent toilet visits or dripping urine."

The urologist Dr. Holger Uhthoff from Speyer explained in the pharmacy magazine "Diabetes Ratgeber" (2/2017) that people with diabetes are more often affected by such problems, especially "if the diabetes is poorly adjusted".

Negative effects add up
"If bad sugar levels and an enlarged prostate come together, the negative effects add up," said Dr. Uhthoff.

In some cases, the symptoms can be prevented simply by treating diabetes well. In addition to medical therapy, sufferers are advised to exercise more, eat healthier and, if necessary, reduce their weight.

According to researchers, losing weight can normalize insulin levels in many cases.

Enlarged prostate does not always cause problems
If you have prostate problems, you should always contact a urology specialist if you have severe and persistent symptoms.

“Depending on the severity of the symptoms, other illnesses and the patient's wishes, medicinal or surgical therapies are used. However, an enlarged prostate is often not a problem, ”says Dr. Shepherd.

“Surgery does reduce the symptoms significantly for most patients.” Surgeons often use endoscopic procedures and increasingly laser techniques for an operation. (ad)

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