After successful sex change: Former man gives birth to a baby

Austrian man gave birth to baby after sex change
According to a newspaper report, a man in Austria gave birth to a child. The former woman had undergone a sex change. Cases in which the man bore his child have also been reported from other countries.

Austrian man gave birth to baby
According to a newspaper report, a man in Austria gave birth to a child after a sex change, reports the news agency dpa. As the "Kleine Zeitung" wrote, the former woman had kept her uterus when the sex changed. According to the information, the pregnancy was accompanied by a doctor, the child was born in the Graz (Styria) area. According to the newspaper, the family did not want to comment publicly.

Several similar cases worldwide
There have been several similar cases worldwide in recent years. For example, in April 2013, when a man from Berlin, who was born a woman, gave birth to healthy offspring.

And recently, newspapers wrote that a young English man is about to have a baby.

The Brit had previously searched for and found a sperm donor on social networks. According to a Sun report, he said, "I met the donor on Facebook, we chatted for about three days, and then he came to the apartment."

The young man also said that he wanted to continue sex change after birth. (ad)

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