Healthy sweetener? Are syrups or honey really healthier than sugar?

Syrup and honey instead of sugar - is it really healthier?
Since white table sugar is considered to be particularly unhealthy, more and more people are turning to alternative sweeteners. But are honey, thick juices or other types of sugar actually healthier than conventional sugar?

Alternatives to table sugar
For health reasons, it is generally advisable to refrain from sweetening, as high sugar consumption can be associated with problems such as tooth decay, diabetes, obesity or cardiovascular diseases. In the past, fructose was often recommended as an alternative, but this is also not a healthy sugar, as scientific studies have shown. And the highly-praised sweetener Stevia has also not made a triumphal march. Are there any healthier alternatives at all? Experts clarify.

Agave syrup tastes significantly sweeter
In the current issue of the magazine “Neue Apotheken Illustrierte” (February 15, 2017) there is an overview of alternative sweeteners, reports the dpa news agency.

Among other things, agave syrup is mentioned, a plant juice that tastes significantly sweeter than sugar, which is why you need less of it. It can be used in cereals, compotes and other desserts, for example.

However, it mainly contains fructose, which can disrupt the metabolism in large quantities. In addition, the thick juice sticks to the teeth and promotes tooth decay.

Maple syrup mainly contains sucrose
Maple syrup is also popular. The golden yellow to dark brown syrup can be used to refine desserts, shakes, pancakes and waffles. This sweetener mainly contains sucrose - chemically the same compound as table sugar.

Coconut blossom sugar has been available in Germany for several years. This comes from the juice of the coconut blossom, tastes a little less sweet than sugar and has a mild caramel note. This alternative also essentially consists of sucrose, i.e. table sugar.

According to the report, it is said that it is said to hardly raise blood sugar levels. However, there are no meaningful studies.

Honey has fewer calories than sugar
Honey is a very common sweetener. This mainly contains fruit and glucose, i.e. fructose and glucose. The bee product has fewer calories than table sugar due to its water content.

Honey fans swear by the benefits of the natural product. A glass of honey water in the morning can help you lose weight while strengthening your health.

But there are also disadvantages: honey is sticky, sticks to the teeth and, according to the report, it favors tooth decay more than sugar.

Reduce sugar consumption
Brown sugar is also no healthier than white, as consumer advocates reported.

Health experts say the overall use of sugar and most alternatives should be reduced. It should always be borne in mind that hidden sugar can be found in many food products.

Recommendations such as those from the World Health Organization (WHO) therefore include all types of sugar, such as sugar cubes, fructose and honey, sugar that is used in the production of food or beverages, and sugar that is consumed separately.

The WHO advocates a lower sugar intake of less than five percent of the total daily energy intake.

As the experts said, "a further reduction to less than five percent or about 25 grams (six teaspoons) per day could bring additional health benefits". (ad)

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