How to get through the carnival without a hangover

How to get through the carnival without a hangover

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Fifth season: Without a hangover through the carnival
Mardi Gras, Mardi Gras, Carnival: When the “fifth season” is celebrated, it is usually wet and happy. The following day, the celebrations often suffered from severe headaches and nausea. Experts have some tips against the hangover for fools, jokes and all other carnival friends.

Tips for fools, jokes and other carnival friends
Mardi Gras, Mardi Gras, Carnival: During the so-called "fifth season" there is often a merry, cheery celebration. The consequences: Often the fun falls by the wayside during the celebration and the next day begins with complaints such as headache, dizziness, nausea and vomiting. Having fun without alcohol is therefore the best of all tips against the carnival hangover. But many do not want to do without beer, schnapps and wine at the parties and parades. Experts also have some recommendations for these fools, jokes and all other carnival friends.

Celebrate without alcohol
When you celebrate carnival without alcohol, your own body thanks you with strength and a clear head. In addition, children and adolescents find a helpful role model and the next morning there is at most muscle soreness, the consumer initiative writes in a current message.

While celebrating in the cold it is often said that alcohol can warm the body, this is not the case.

Laura Gross of the Consumer Initiative has a much better recommendation: "Hot orange juice, spiced tea or punch with honey provide good warmth from the inside when moving and catching camels."

Fat and protein-rich dishes
But if you prefer to celebrate tipsy, you should exercise caution. "Anyone who drinks alcohol in the cold outdoors cools down faster and usually realizes too late that he has been drinking too much for a long time," explained Gross. Sugar-rich and warm alcoholic drinks work particularly quickly.

In order to avoid a bad awakening during the carnival time, a few tips should be observed.

It is very important to eat high-protein and fat before celebrating. Peanuts, olives or cheese sandwiches in between delay the absorption of alcohol in the blood.

Drink water again and again
In order to prevent alcohol-related increased fluid loss and to reduce alcohol consumption, you should always drink a lot of water on beer, sparkling wine and the like. Juice spritzer is also an option here.

A lot of water should also be drunk before going to bed and the next morning in order to counteract excessive headaches.

Breakfast after the party should be particularly hearty. Sauerkraut, cheese bread, herring or pickled cucumbers can compensate for the alcohol-related loss of minerals. Matjes has also proven itself as a home remedy for hangovers.

Vitamin C and exercise in the fresh air
Vitamin C is a good home remedy for headaches. This favors the formation of the neurotransmitter norepinephrine, which in turn dampens the headache.

Vitamin C also helps the liver break down alcohol. It is therefore advisable to eat vitamin C-rich fruit such as oranges or kiwi right after the party or at the latest at breakfast. Bell peppers are also ideal sources of vitamin C.

Last but not least, the hangover should not be "sat out" on the couch. After breakfast a short walk is recommended. Exercise in the fresh air activates the metabolism and circulation and helps to feel fit again faster. (ad)

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