Statistics: More and more people are dying from pancreatic cancer

Doctors are calling for new methods for early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer
Pancreatic cancer is one of the cancer types with the worst prospects of recovery. Irish researchers have now warned that more and more people are dying of pancreatic cancer. Doctors urge urgently to develop new ways to identify the dangerous disease at an early stage.

The Irish scientists found in their investigation that more and more people are dying from pancreatic cancer. In Ireland, about four in five people with pancreatic cancer would now die of the disease within a year of being diagnosed.

Pancreatic cancer in Germany
In Germany, pancreatic cancer causes 16,000 new cases every year. And the number of diseases continues to increase. In the past 40 years, the number of people with pancreatic cancer in this country has more than tripled. Pancreatic cancer forms about three percent of all cancers in Germany. An early diagnosis significantly increases the chances of survival. Therefore, it is imperative that better tests to diagnose the disease are developed.

In Ireland, around 400 of 500 new cases die within a year
Almost 500 new diseases of pancreatic cancer are diagnosed in Ireland each year. Around 400 people will then die of the disease within the next twelve months, the experts say. In the next ten years, pancreatic cancer will become one of the four most deadly diseases, Irish doctors report. An estimated 11,279 people in Ireland would die from the disease in 2026. In 2014, this figure was still 8,817 deaths.

Being overweight increases the risk
The lack of medical breakthroughs in the early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer means that many patients are diagnosed with the disease too late. Rescue treatment or surgery is usually much too late for those affected, the researchers warn. The underlying risk could arise due to various factors. One of them is that more and more people are overweight, say the doctors.

Doctors are developing a new diagnostic test
In their current research, Dublin City University scientists are devoting themselves to the development of a new test for the early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. To date, pancreatic cancer has one of the lowest survival rates of all cancers. However, studies have already shown changes in the DNA of patients with pancreatic cancer. This may offer new diagnostic options.

So far, physicians have not fully understood the influence of gene variants on the development of pancreatic cancer, but new technologies should shed light on this, reports the daily newspaper “Irish Independent”. The new research is using 3D models to study how the changes affect the development of pancreatic cancer. This is to ensure that the disease can be recognized earlier in the future.

What Are Warning Signs Of Pancreatic Cancer?
The warning signs of pancreatic cancer are vague. The first noticeable symptoms of pancreatic cancer can often be pain in the back or stomach area, the scientists say. These pains can come and go and often worsen after lying down or after eating. A sick person can also suffer from unexpected weight loss and jaundice. (as)

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