Medicinal plant Tulasi found: basil teas as an effective home remedy for colds

In Nepal, basil tea is a popular home remedy for numerous ailments
The violent flu wave is currently causing numerous people to be ill in bed. In order to treat the associated symptoms such as cough or fever, you do not necessarily have to take medication. Usually home remedies can also help. For example, Tulasi, a medicinal plant that is also called Indian basil.

Combat colds naturally
Especially in the cold season, many people catch an infection. The associated complaints such as cough, fever and other colds can often be alleviated with natural home remedies. In Germany, ginger, honey and onions are used for this. In South Asia, people rely more on Tulasi, a medicinal plant that is also known as "Indian basil".

Indian basil for cough and fever
Tulasi (or Tulsi) is an Ayurvedic medicinal plant with amazing effects on health. In addition to being used as a spice, Indian basil is also used against various diseases.

It is used among other things for inflammatory acute diseases such as colds and as a home remedy for cough or fever. Studies have shown that the plant has an antibacterial effect. The leaves are also said to help against construction pain.

Healing tea made from dried leaves
Indian basil grows mainly in tropical and subtropical Asia. Tulasi is also a common home remedy in Nepal. As the news agency dpa reports, the Nepalese brew a healing tea from the leaves of this type of basil.

Samridhi Shrestha, who works for a Nepalese tea company, said: "Whoever is sick with us drinks it." According to Shrestha, Tulasi is also called "Holy Basil". She said, "Many people in Nepal plant Tulasi in front of their house."

As stated in the agency announcement, this is believed to bring divine protection to the building and its residents. For the basil tea, dried tulasi leaves are simply poured on with hot water. In Germany, Tulasi is available as a tea blend or powder, among other things. (ad)

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