Katy Perry has very crooked teeth

Katy Perry has very crooked teeth

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Unequal rows of teeth don't have to be a blemish
It's no longer a secret: with the US singer Katy Perry, the teeth in the lower jaw are completely crooked and nested. While all teeth shine impeccably in the upper row, the lower jaw looks bad. Particularly surprising, because a rich and attractive celebrity in the spotlight should actually present her chewing tools in better condition. But in the meantime, she often covers her unloved mouth area in photos with a funny sign or cloth instead of fixing the cause. Dr. explains where the problem lies and how the tooth row can be easily straightened. Dr. Manfred Nilius, M. Sc., Specialist for oral, maxillofacial and facial plastic surgery and head of the Nilius practice clinic in Dortmund:

“The bottom row of teeth at Katy Perry is very crooked. In the pictures you can see a so-called crowding, which is due to a mismatch between the upper and lower teeth. At first glance it can be seen that the lower jaw is too large in relation to the upper jaw. However, it cannot be determined in the pictures whether the lower wisdom teeth may push the neighboring teeth forward. Because this also often contributes to nesting of the front teeth. In any case, there are several therapy options.

An elegant and tooth-friendly solution is the shaping of the upper row of teeth from the palate using a palatal technique or with Invisalign. The latter is a transparent, custom-made tooth splint that - worn daily - gently pushes crooked teeth back into the correct position. Then the teeth in the lower jaw can be straightened using the lingual technique, an internal brace that is not visible from the outside. This is an optimal solution for adult patients who do not want to accept any loss in everyday life through orthodontic treatment.

Furthermore, faster treatment with veneers in the lower jaw from canine to canine would be possible. In addition, a dentist or orthodontist should check whether the lower wisdom teeth exert pressure. If so, removal is recommended. If not, another alternative would be a so-called compensation extraction in the lower jaw. Here, the doctor pulls the first front molars and straightens the lower front teeth, ”says Dr. Sc., Specialist for oral, maxillofacial and facial plastic surgery and head of the Nilius practice clinic in Dortmund.

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