Emergency departments crowded in many places: Patients should pay extra for this

Financial patient deductibles required in emergency rooms
Actually, emergency rooms in hospitals are only intended for emergencies. But more and more people who could also be treated on an outpatient basis go to such clinic facilities. Experts are now demanding that these patients be asked to checkout.

Many patients are wrong in the emergency room
Up to 25 million people are treated in the emergency rooms of German hospitals every year. However, it has been criticized for years that far too many wrong patients come, for example because of a runny nose or other minor illnesses. In some clinics, the emergency rooms are completely overcrowded. In Berlin, one had already considered possible penalty fees for unnecessary emergency ambulance patients. In other federal states, too, consideration is being given to “non-emergencies” to checkout.

Excess for non-acute ailments
The National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KV) Rhineland-Palatinate has asked for a deductible for patients with non-acute conditions in view of the often overcrowded emergency rooms in the state's hospitals, reports the Südwestdeutsche Rundfunk (SWR).

Rainer Saurwein from the KV said that the legislator should think about it. According to this, such a procedure could relieve the emergency room.

Only every tenth person treated has an emergency
The example of the Catholic Clinic Mainz shows how dramatic the situation actually is. According to their own statements, almost 30,000 patients were treated in the emergency room there last year.

But according to the head of the emergency room, Torsten Schmitt, only about ten percent were emergencies.

The rest should actually go to one of the 48 on-call practices in Rhineland-Palatinate or go to a family doctor.

Waiting people often become aggressive
The KV tries to draw attention to the emergency services, but according to Saurwein not all people are reached. In addition, the emergency room is easier to reach for many - and also offers all-round care that the on-call practices cannot afford.

"We propose that direct clarification is also provided in the emergency room. And if you still want to be treated with a minor condition there, you should pay a deductible, ”said Saurwein.

Schmitt complained: "The patients have no understanding of waiting long and want to see a specialist right away." Unfortunately, there were often insults and a harsh tone when waiting. Even blows would occur, in most cases from drunks.

Violent attacks by patients are also repeatedly reported in other federal states. (ad)

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