Perfectionists mostly with diet problems

Certain types of people lose weight more than others
Many people in Germany try to lose some weight. Some people find it very easy, others have great difficulty losing a few pounds despite a strict diet. The personality type seems to play a major role in this. Researchers have now found that perfectionists are most likely to fail on a diet.

Scientists from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) found in a survey that certain people have greater problems losing weight through diet. These include, for example, perfectionists who are the most unsuccessful on their diets. The doctors released a press release on the results of their survey.

Personality influences the success of diets
Different types of people have different successes in their diets and diets. This is how perfectionists most often fail with their diet and gourmets usually have a normal body weight, say the authors of the current study. But what actually causes these differences in successful weight loss between different groups of people.

Fears of failure often prevent a successful diet from perfectionists
The pursuit of perection is obviously a hindrance to losing weight, as constant rethinking of the situation and great fears of failure prevent the perfectionists from successfully dieting. Such people usually do not achieve their own weight loss goal, the scientists explain.

Nine out of ten people have tried a diet before
For their investigation, the researchers analyzed the data from 28,000 participants. The experts found that nine out of ten adults have tried to lose weight through a diet. Around half of people are already starting more than six attempts to lose weight by changing their diet, the experts report. 20 percent of the participants had even tried it more than 25 times.

Rather thoughtful people are more likely to fail on their diet
The scientists divided the people in their survey into five different “diet types”. What struck me was that when people rethink everything or are perfectionists, they most likely have had no success in losing weight through a diet. In other words, perfectionists are most likely to fail on a diet, the doctors say. This so-called “thinker type” was the most common type of people in the study. The authors included 41 percent of the adults surveyed.

Actually positive qualities can be counterproductive for a diet
People of the so-called thinker type are mostly rather goal-oriented and analytical, the experts explain. These normally positive qualities can be counterproductive to achieving diet goals. Such people then tend to have unrealistic expectations and are less able to deal with errors and failures, the behavior researchers explain.

Behaviors and habits can be a barrier to weight loss
Such types of people are generally more prone to self-doubt, anxiety, and stress, which can reduce the success of weight loss through diet. If people have been on their diet for a few weeks, their personal type will eventually affect weight loss. This is how behaviors and habits can create a barrier for such people, explains CSIRO behavior researcher Dr. Sinead Golley.

Before starting a diet, you should know your diet type
If you are going to start a diet, it is best to know your so-called diet type beforehand. This is how you can create a more effective healthy eating plan and more successfully complete your diet, the scientists say. You can also be more aware of your moments of weakness and manage them more effectively.

Focus on positive effects and partial success
If people are more of the thinker type, the researchers say you should focus more on the positive effects. This would make it easier for you to manage your healthy eating habits and achieve your weight loss goals faster. (as)

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