Nougat spread: What Nutella looks like if the ingredients have not yet been mixed

Nougat spread: What Nutella looks like if the ingredients have not yet been mixed

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Sugar, fat and Co: This is how Nutella looks undisturbed
Nutella is probably the most famous nut nougat cream worldwide. The popular breakfast spread is repeatedly criticized due to its high sugar and fat content. A picture is currently circulating on the Internet showing how Nutella looks undisturbed. Clearly recognizable: The cream certainly does not contribute to a healthy breakfast.

Probably the most famous chocolate spread in the world
In the past, Nutella was advertised with the slogan "naturally healthy", but according to experts, there could be no question of it. The world's best known nut nougat cream has been described several times as a health hazard due to its high sugar and fat content. How much of the individual ingredients are in the popular breakfast spread can be seen in a picture that is currently circulating on the Internet.

Ingredients from Nutella
"What's actually in Nutella? What about the proportion of hazelnuts, sugar, cocoa, palm oil and "the best of milk" in the total spread of the spread? ", The Hamburg Consumer Center wrote on its website, where you can order a poster that clearly shows this ratio .

Also on a picture that is shown on "Reddit" and which is circulating on Twitter, you can see how the spread looks undisturbed in its individual components.

Unsuitable for daily nutrition
The manufacturer, the Ferrero company, states all the ingredients used on the glass of the product, but not their ratio. The quantity per glass can only be found for hazelnuts (13 percent) and skimmed milk powder (7.5 percent).

In addition to these ingredients, the sweet spread contains little cocoa, very large amounts of sugar and controversial palm oil, which with almost 50 percent of saturated fatty acids is considered unsuitable for daily nutrition.

According to scientific studies, the latter ingredient can be carcinogenic. The European Food Safety Authority also classifies palm oil as a possible carcinogen.

The main ingredients are sugar and fat
The term “nut nougat cream” is therefore rather misleading, since the main components are sugar and fat.

This can also be seen in the high calorie content. A glass contains 4520 kcal, as reported on the Instagram account "caloriebrands".

The unhealthy ingredients have also been criticized in the past. French Environment Minister Ségolène Royal even called for the boycott of Nutella. "You have to stop eating Nutella," said the politician.

Commercials with national soccer team discontinued after criticism
In Germany, the product was and is advertised among other things with athletes. Spots with members of the German national soccer team were discontinued in 2012 on the recommendation of the consumer organization Foodwatch.

The German Diabetes Association (DDG) also criticized "irresponsible sponsoring" of the German Football Association (DFB) last summer.

"With the help of the football idols, it is suggested that Coca-Cola, Nutella and McDonald’s promote fitness and enable top performance - this is not only a false, but also a harmful message," says a press release.

However, it should be noted that Nutella is not the only nut nougat cream that mainly consists of fat and sugar. Things usually don't look better with products from other manufacturers. The alternative: just make the breakfast spread yourself. (ad)

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