Nature can help: alleviate neurodermatitis with climate aid

Nature helps: alleviate neurodermatitis with climate and radon
People with neurodermatitis usually suffer very badly: the skin is thickened, red and dry-scaly, or it wets. In any case, it is very itchy and those affected often scratch their bloody skin. Especially in summer, those affected also have a high level of emotional suffering, because because of the redness or bloody, inflammatory crusting, they avoid short clothing for fear of the eyes of others. Natural therapies then provide relief for some time. They also help to significantly reduce cortisone. Climate therapies, but also radon therapies in healing tunnels have proven their worth.

Cool wind provides relief
Those affected find an effective stimulating climate in the mountains, for example. Here cool air and high UV radiation as well as particularly clean, low-pollen air at high altitudes help to improve health. In this way, cool air in eczema relieves the excruciating itching and helps to break the itch-scratch spiral because the skin can regenerate. The body reacts to the cool air by constricting the small blood vessels and increasing metabolic activity. The heat regulation is also trained.

UV radiation makes you happy
The sun is stronger in the high mountains than in the lowlands. Experts speak of the actinic complex. "If sunburns are avoided, UV radiation has positive properties," explains PD Dr. Bertram Hölzl, radon expert and scientific director of the Gasteiner Heilstollen. ”Endorphins, the so-called happiness hormones, are also released, which leads to an increase in well-being for many.

Pollen-free clean air relieves allergies
Another beneficial aspect in the mountains is the purity of the air. Little pollen and air pollutants especially help people with allergic neurodermatitis. Scientists believe that house dust mite droppings are one of the most common triggers of eczema. However, due to the low humidity, these mites do not exist at altitudes of more than 1,500 meters.

Radon and heat in the mountain act on the immune system
Sometimes there is another effective climate in the interior of mountains. In the Gastein healing tunnel, for example, neurodermatitis patients will find the beneficial combination of radon-containing air and a tropical climate. "When absorbed through the skin and lungs, radon activates the body's own messenger TGF-beta, which has anti-inflammatory and healing effects," says Dr. Hölzl. After only a few applications, many patients report a significant reduction up to the complete disappearance of the skin symptoms. High temperatures and air humidity intensify the effects of radon.

If you want to use all these natural factors at the same time, you should do this as part of a multi-week cure. After a cure in the Gastein Valley, for example, many patients report that the excruciating itching subsides, cortisone can be discontinued and the skin heals sustainably.

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