Study: Concentration Problems: Depression inhibits performance

Decreased performance through depression - help for those affected
According to estimates, around four million people in Germany are currently suffering from depression. The mental illness manifests itself among other things through a persistent depressed mood, lack of drive and also physical symptoms. The performance also drops.

Around four million Germans suffer from depression
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression. In Germany, an estimated five percent of the population, i.e. about four million people affected, reports the Professional Association of German Psychiatrists (BVDN) on the information portal "Neurologists and Psychiatrists on the Net". The disease also affects work ability. Affected people should seek professional help.

Mental illness with various symptoms
In the S3 guideline / National Care Guideline "Unipolar Depression" experts explain that the disease "Depression" is not always easy to recognize, it often remains undetected.

Certain, longer-lasting symptoms suggest that there is a depressive illness. "This includes, for example, a depressed mood, loss of interest and lack of drive," says the guideline.

Those affected also have a lower self-esteem, fear of the future, sleep and appetite disorders and physical complaints such as gastrointestinal problems or a feeling of pressure in the throat and chest.

In the long term, depression can promote type II diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks.

Those affected should get help
In addition, sufferers often have problems concentrating during a depressive phase. Because the illness also influences the thinking. As the BVDN explains, according to a message from the dpa news agency, this side effect is unknown to many - including those affected.

According to this, some patients in a depressive phase find it difficult to plan things, to keep an overview and to be efficient at work.

The psychotherapists recommend sufferers to address such symptoms openly to their doctor and to seek help. After only a few therapy sessions, many patients felt an improvement.

"A lot has happened in terms of therapy in the past decades and more than 80% of the sick can be helped permanently and successfully," writes the BVDN.

"That is why it is all the more important that the general population is sensitized and informed about this topic: Because depression can affect everyone, regardless of age, gender and social status." (Ad)

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