Diabetics at increased risk of pneumonia

Increased risk of pneumonia for people with diabetes
According to health experts, pneumonia is still a neglected danger that can be fatal. In Germany alone, the infectious disease leads to around 35,000 deaths every year. Diabetics have an increased risk of developing pneumonia.

Symptoms indicate various diseases
The tricky thing about pneumonia is that the first symptoms such as cough, fever and fatigue tend to think of a respiratory infection rather than a dangerous illness. But even with pneumonia, the earlier treatment begins, the better. The question of how do I recognize pneumonia can have a life-saving meaning, because in Germany alone around 35,000 patients die of pneumonia every year. People who have diabetes have an increased risk of pneumonia.

People with diabetes have an increased risk of pneumonia
Since diabetics are at increased risk of developing pneumonia, they should be vaccinated against pneumococcal infection. This has been pointed out by the Austrian Association for the Promotion of Vaccination Education (VFI).

"People with chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus generally have an increased risk of infection," said Joakim Huber from Vienna's Franziskus Spital, according to a message from the APA news agency.

The internist, who is also a member of the board of directors of the Austrian Diabetes Association, said: "Diabetics with complications from the heart and kidneys are particularly at risk that pneumococcal infection results in serious complications and, in the worst case, can even be fatal."

Preventive vaccination
To prevent pneumonia, according to health experts, one should be vaccinated against pneumococci, the most common cause of bacterial pneumonia.

This protective measure is also highlighted in the revised vaccination recommendations of the Standing Vaccination Commission at the Robert Koch Institute (STIKO) in Berlin.

In a communication from the RKI it says: "Pneumococci are the main cause of bacterial pneumonia in Europe. The STIKO estimates that more than 5,000 people in Germany die every year from the consequences of pneumococcal disease."

The vaccination is particularly recommended for people over 60, chronically ill and children up to the age of two. It is fundamentally important to strengthen the immune system. One of the things you should eat healthy - with lots of fruit and vegetables - is to exercise regularly and stop smoking.

Affected people often do not know about their increased risk
According to the VFI, the Austrian vaccination plan also recommends that people with increased risk be vaccinated against pneumococci. According to the APA, the association pointed to a survey that showed that people at increased risk, such as people with diabetes, COPD, asthma, chronic cardiovascular disease or immune deficiency, see little danger for themselves.

According to the survey, knowledge about vaccination against pneumococcal infection is also low.

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