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Transsexuality was first removed from the list of mental illnesses

Denmark is the first country in the world not to classify transsexuality as a mental illness
Denmark is the first country in the world to no longer classify transsexuality as a mental illness. However, this does not change the hurdles that have to be overcome before a sex change or hormone treatment.

Discriminatory categorization abolished
According to estimates, around 170,000 people with a transgender identity live in Germany. However, because many of those affected live anonymously, the number of unreported cases is probably much higher. In the international diagnosis catalog of the World Health Organization (WHO), transsexuality is currently still classified as a “gender identity disorder”. There has been criticism of this for a long time. Discriminatory categorization has now been abolished in Denmark.

Transsexuality removed from list of mental ailments
According to a report by the dpa news agency, transsexuals in Denmark have not been classified as mentally ill since this year. The health authority therefore removed transsexuality from the list of mental illnesses on January 1.

Many transsexuals found this classification to be discriminatory. As the Ministry of Health in Copenhagen explained, transsexuality in the system is now formally assigned to a different category.

No relief of treatment options
However, this does not change the treatment options for people who felt wrong in their bodies and preferred to belong to the opposite sex.

According to the information, transsexuals have to go through long psychological examinations in order to undergo a sex change or hormone treatment.

The symbolic decision was celebrated by the LGBT community (“LGBT” stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender) in Denmark. The head of the Danish LGBT state association, Soren Laursen, told the Ritzau news agency: "This removes the stigma that applied to health care professionals."

The German self-help group Trans-Ident e.V. writes on its website: "This welcome classification finally ends the stigmatization that transidents have had in the healthcare system. Those affected are no longer labeled as mentally ill, but rather for what they are - a simple variation in the broad spectrum of personal identities. (ad)

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