Fat head and nausea? These home remedies help against New Years hangover

Prevention and hearty breakfast: the best anti-hangover tips
Happy New Year! Many people toast the New Year with a glass of sparkling wine. Even before and after, alcohol often flows freely at New Year's Eve parties. The consequences: a fat head, nausea and abdominal pain. But there are also ways to prevent the hangover and alleviate the symptoms. Here are some tips.

Tips and tricks against the hangover on New Year
Thundering headache, nausea and dizziness: for many people, the New Year begins with a severe hangover. Everyone knows that after a wet, happy night such complaints can occur, but drinking less or no alcohol is not a solution for many. However, if some tips and tricks are followed, health problems often do not even occur. And if they do, home remedies can help with hangovers.

Waiting for hangover-free alcohol
Some people who wake up with a hull skull, abdominal pain and nausea after a night of partying may remember the reports from the previous year in which the development of hangover-free alcohol was reported.

However, according to the researchers, it will take at least until 2050 for this to exist. Therefore, expert tips against hangovers are still welcome.

Hearty meals before drinking
Experts advise before partying to eat hearty, salty, high in fat and calories in order to protect yourself from the "hangover" afterwards. Fat inhibits the absorption of alcohol in the blood and salt prevents the diuretic effects of ethanol. Pasta dishes, tuna in oil or fried potatoes are a good "basis".

Alcohol on an empty stomach should be avoided. "If you drink on an empty stomach, you get drunk faster, so eat something high in fat like a sausage beforehand," recommends the Federal Association of German Pharmacists' Associations (ABDA) in a message.

Don't drink confused
You should always drink a lot of water on beer and co. "Do not use alcohol as a thirst quencher. When celebrating and dancing, the body is much more happy with a glass of water, ”writes the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA). And further: "Don't drop alcoholic beverages, but drink slowly."

Basically, it makes sense to stay with a drink, because: “People who mix up tend to drink more alcohol overall. This is because the third beer just doesn't taste as good as the first. Then grab a glass of wine or sparkling wine, which brings variety and increases the desire to drink, ”says the BZgA portal“ Know Your Limit ”.

Nuts, cheeses, liver sausage rolls or a strong soup are recommended as snacks in between. They help to replenish the mineral stores washed out by the alcohol.

How does a hangover come about?
The main cause of the headache is the lack of water and minerals. This also leads to intense thirst and dry mouth the morning after. Even carbonated or warm, sugar-rich drinks such as punch and liqueurs have a particularly violent effect.

Cheap wines and schnapps often contain so-called fusel alcohols, which can make the headache worse the morning after. Since lack of oxygen is also unpleasant, a severe hangover can be encouraged if you are in crowded rooms.

Alleviate complaints on New Year's morning
If, despite all the preventive measures, a headache, dizziness and nausea appear on New Year's morning, the best way to combat the symptoms is with plenty of mineral water, fruit juice spritzers and an acid-salty "hangover breakfast".

Hearty sauerkraut stews, roasted herring, olives, savory biscuits and pickled cucumbers are other dishes that can work as a home remedy for headaches after heavy alcohol consumption. The acid promotes alcohol breakdown, the salt replaces lost minerals and the hot spices are good for digestion.

As a home remedy for nausea, teas, such as chamomile tea, are available.

Walk in the fresh air
Experts advise against the so-called "counter beer". "Despite the old drinking rule: No further alcohol should be consumed in the morning," says the ABDA announcement.

Still mineral water or fruit juice spritzers help against the so-called “after-thirst”. It is better to keep your hands off of sparkling water, as the carbon dioxide continues to irritate the already stressed stomach. Coffee also continues to strain the stomach and increases the headache of some hangovers. Caffeine does not break down the alcohol in the blood, only the tiredness temporarily disappears.

However, an espresso with lemon juice can help. Here the acidity of the lemon breaks down the alcohol. A walk in the fresh air will get your circulation going again after a long party. (ad)

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