End the XXL culture of nutrition: Head of health insurance for sugar tax

End the XXL culture of nutrition: Head of health insurance for sugar tax

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More and more diabetics: Health insurance company boss demands sugar tax
More and more people in Germany suffer from diabetes. Diet is primarily responsible for the increase. The head of the health insurance company AOK Rhineland / Hamburg now demands consequences: You have to get away from XXL culture. Like other health experts, he is in favor of introducing a sugar tax.

More and more diabetics in Germany
The so-called diabetes is spreading ever more: Almost seven million people with diabetes now live in Germany. This emerges from the "German Health Report Diabetes 2017", which also contains a contribution that explains the connection between sugar consumption, obesity and type 2 diabetes. This is where evidence-based arguments are compiled "which the food and sugar industries will no longer be able to ignore in the future," explained the German Diabetes Association (DDG). According to experts, diabetes prevention through higher taxes would be one way to address the problem.

Numerous complications threaten
In the long term, diabetes is associated with numerous complications, since poorly adjusted blood sugar can lead to amputations, new blindness, heart and vascular complications, for example. "Three quarters of all people with diabetes ultimately die from a heart attack or stroke," explained the DDG.

In recent years, many German health experts have encouraged others to follow the example of other countries and introduce a sugar tax to combat obesity, obesity, diabetes and the resulting diseases.

Now the head of the AOK Rhineland / Hamburg health insurance company, Günter Waltermann, has spoken in favor of such a tax.

Lots of exercise and healthy eating
In the "Rheinische Post" (RP), he called for a "general social strategy" in view of the increasing number of diabetics. In addition to lots of exercise and healthy nutrition in daycare centers and schools, this also included clearly visible and clearly understandable nutritional information on food packaging.

According to Waltermann, you also have to get away from the XXL culture when it comes to nutrition. "A sugar tax must also be taken into account," said the head of the health insurance company.

Health experts for sugar tax
In some countries there is already a sugar tax. However, the majority of Germans reject the sugar tax, as a survey by the DAK Health showed.

Last year, the Food, Beverage and Catering Union (NGG) also spoke out against a fat and sugar tax.

The World Health Organization (WHO), on the other hand, had only called for special taxes on sugary drinks in October to combat obesity worldwide. According to experts, such soft drinks are often the cause of overweight and obesity.

Increased risk of heart attack for diabetics
As the RP reports, the as yet unpublished health report from the AOK Rhineland / Hamburg shows that the proportion of diabetes sufferers among the insured members of the health insurance company has increased from around 9.5 percent in 2010 to 11 percent now.

Diabetes has many other ailments. According to the AOK report, the risk of heart attack is eight times higher for diabetics than for non-sick people. In addition, other heart diseases, chronic wounds and kidney problems affect diabetics more often. (ad)

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