New Year's Eve bang: protect your ears from tinnitus with a new app and earplugs

With app and earplugs: This is how you can protect your ears from tinnitus
Many people are regularly exposed to noise at work. And even at major events such as concerts, the ears are often strained enormously. This can damage your hearing. You can protect yourself with the help of a new app and earplugs.

High noise pollution causes hearing damage
At the turn of the year, health risks are warned again by the New Year's fireworks. Firecrackers and rockets can cause injuries and burns. And the noise associated with the fireworks is an enormous burden on the ears. Excessive noise pollution is often the cause of ringing in the ears and hearing damage. If you want to protect yourself, earplugs and a new app can help.

Avoid noisy environments
To protect the ears from tinnitus, you should avoid very noisy environments. However, the noise level in an environment is often difficult to assess. In addition, people who are often exposed to loud noise - such as at work - often underestimate how loud the environment really is.

Here it can help to measure the noise level in the area from time to time with a smartphone, reports the magazine "Neue Apotheken Illustrierte". This is possible with the free LärmApp from the German Professional Association of Otorhinolaryngologists.

"Exposed to constant background noise"
“Nowadays we are exposed to constant noise, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, through noise at work, environmental noise, music and other media. There is seldom a place of complete calm, ”explained Dr. Dirk Heinrich, President of the ENT professional association in a communication.

The experts have therefore initiated the development of a LärmApp to make people aware of this situation.

Earplugs for loud concerts
"With the LärmApp we want to raise awareness among young people in particular about the problem of" noise "", says Dr. Heinrich. "It would be a big step if it encouraged some users to consciously look for rest periods every day."

With the help of a traffic light, the app shows whether the environment is already dangerously loud or when a break should be approved for the ears.

People who are often at concerts and festivals are advised by health experts to wear earplugs and to give their ears a rest after a lot of noise.

Do not delay seeing a doctor for long
If you have buzzing ears and similar problems, you should not delay the visit to the doctor.

"If ear noises suddenly appear with a strong intensity or the distances become shorter and shorter, the ENT specialist should be consulted within 24 hours," explained Dr. Michael Bohndorf, ENT specialist in Düsseldorf, in a conversation in which he gave important answers on the subject of tinnitus. (ad)

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